Skate-Fu Comic Adventure


Every once in a while, something truly unique in the media world comes along…like the “skate-fu” adventure comic series, Street Angel.

This comic series is set in the urban hell of Wilkesborough. On any given day, in Wilkesborough’s seedy and violent streets, ninjas, mad scientists, renegade robots and time-traveling Spanish conquistadors wreak all manner of havoc.


Jesse Sanchez, a homeless 12 year-old martial arts/skateboard prodigy, known and feared as Street Angel, is the only one who can deal with the unexplained chaos.

With gravity-defying skateboarding and masterful kung fu throwdowns, Jessie Sanchez offers the comic world an intriguing and outrageous experience.

[via Street Angel Comics]

An independent film company is adapting the comic to the screen. Here’s the cheeky trailer for the film and sneak peek of the making of Street Angel.

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