Outing Summer Glau’s Belly Button
March 3, 2009 celebrities

Summer Glau

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Summer Glau has a magic belly button.

Her belly button changes in her various TV appearances, and I’m curious if the producers are using costume makeup, CGI, or maybe she had surgery?

Summer Glau And no, I’m not trying to mock her or objectify her body in typical Hollywood tabloid style. I’ve been a respectful fan of Summer Glau since 2002, when she starred on the beloved space western Firefly.

These days, she plays Cameron, the helpful, butt-kicking robot on the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She’s a beautiful, sexy and talented actress AND ballet dancer. Summer Glau is totally amazing.

But… something is going on with her belly button! I think there’s a belly button conspiracy happening right under our noses, so I decided to post some comparison photos and try to get to the bottom of this navel mystery.

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Summer Glau

Summer Glau

As you can see, Summer has an Outie belly button, plain as day. No big deal, really. The photo above is from 2006, during her guest appearance on the TV show The Unit.

The thing is, during this scene her belly button changes.

Here’s a picture from the same scene, and when she walks over to the guy — suddenly her Outie is gone, and she has a belly piercing instead. WTF?

Summer Glau

We get to see Summer’s Innie with Piercing again during a quick shot of her in a kiddie pool.

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

But during a longer shot of the same scene, her belly button is purposefully hidden behind a newspaper. Is it to cut down on the cost of makeup/CGI?

Summer Glau

What’s going on here? Quite a mystery, isn’t it? But wait – there’s more!

Now let’s jump to the year 2009. Just last Friday on The Sarah Conner Chronicles, we were treated to a quick scene of Summer in her underwear.

There’s no sign of her majestic Outie belly button. Where did it go?

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

So there you have it, Folks. Her Outie belly button has been terminated.

But how? Was it through surgery? Makeup? CGI? And how do you explain her belly button changes that occur mid-scene on The Unit? Either there’s something fishy going on, or she has a magic belly button.

If anyone has any further insight into the greatest navel mystery in history, please do share in the comments below.

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  1. I’m gonna go with the most simple solution. The “outtie” bellybutton only appears in those first two photos (which look like back-to-back frames or something close), so I’m gonna guess that it only looks like that due to the lighting and the presence of the bellybutton ring in that one setup.

  2. i don’t know if it can be just the lighting, she has a big out-ie in the first pictures. How does light do that? ha good post, kinda weird man.


  4. Yes, lighting can do all sorts of weird things to people in pictures! (My college ID makes me look cross-eyed when it’s really the flash bouncing off of my glasses.) Not to mention that pixelation in digital photos can make things look worse, imho. That’s why I’m still a fan of celluloid film.

  5. @ Rose M

    I agree, her outie is sexier, & should not be messed with. Maybe she doesn’t have it anymore. Maybe it is lighting like Phyre above says. Not sure about teh Terminator but the Unit pics look cgi to me. The first pictures look too real, and they do change in mid scene as Manny points out. How could they not catch that? bizzare

  6. Probably her big belly button was faked at first but then she had Umbilicoplasty is my guess

  7. my computer is being stupid, I mean the cgi ring is fake and her bellybutton hidden when possible 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. IMO, in the first shot, it’s the belly ring that gives her an “outie” appearance. It’s a strange looking belly ring.

  9. her outie navel only makes me luv her more 😉 why do people judge that kind of thing?

  10. Captain Obvious...ly

    She is not an outy. The first picture looks like an outy because she took off the piercing. When they looked over it they realized that it made it look swollen so they had her put it back on. She probably removed it in a rush. In the other scenes you can see that she hasn’t had the piercings for a bit so the belly button looks smooth and not swollen.

  11. Interesting, Captain. How do you know this? Do you have a link, or some kind of source?

  12. Captain Obvious...ly

    I just looked it over again and realized that the belly ring is on in the first image it just looks like an outy. I’m a body artist (tattoos and piercings) and I took it to my mates at the shop and they agreed with me about the swelling but only if the belly ring was new and it hadn’t fully healed yet. So I was wrong, taking it off might not have caused swelling.(the rest was extrapolation from that assumption, due to it lasting for just about one frame).

    Then my partner in the shop noticed something. It only looks like an outy because its attach point is gold ring with an end ball (like a starter ear piercing) so from head on it looks like an outy, matching her skin tone in the shade with the ball partially reflecting the skin in a crevasse of her belly. In other clips you can clearly see the piercing in its proper color and even reflecting the light. In the other pic, the piercing is gone altogether so you see how her belly button should look.

    So I stand corrected, it is quite literally a trick of the light.

  13. I know some people who can turn their innies out. They have enough loose skin around that area that it can sit either way.

  14. Well, I just came from her house, and I assure you that her belly button, and the rest of her, is perfect.

  15. Anonymous – Are you Daniel Wisler? I would consider your input to be pretty authentic.

  16. And the nose looks newer as the rest of her body

  17. HeWhoShallRemainNameless

    Yeah… something seems different about her face as of late. I was thinking it was maybe because she was losing baby fat. Trying not to make any assumptions myself though.

  18. None of the above

    I have this weird belly button that is sometimes out but mostly in depending on how much I’ve eaten in the past few hours, maybe she had just eaten when they shot did the first scenes you posted.

  19. Um, come on. Is there really any denying that it’s a belly ring. Who’s skin glitters like that when the rest of their body is matte?? It’s a belly ring! Look again at the dozens of pictures you put up.

  20. Does she actually have a piercing in real life? To me it looks like a prostetic navel and ring sorgum glued in there.

  21. c’est l’angle qui fait cette vue

    dans TSCC elle n’a pas d’anneau parceque c’est une machine alors…

  22. If the first two bikini photos are your only indication of an outie, then I can’t believe anybody is seriously talking about this. The ring is turned sideways.

  23. Jag vågar inte svara på om varför hennes navel ser ut som den gör på första bilden, en teori förutom det med ljus är väl att hon kanse står på ett underligt sätt, hon kanske har skräp i naveln eller runtom som får det att se ut som det gör.

    För övrigt att tillägga måste jag säga att Summer Glau har ett ganska speciellt utseende, dock på ett positivt sätt och man ser att hon på något sätt är äkta. Jag tänkte dessutom också lite på det som “HeWhoShallRemainNameless” säger och jag tror jag noterat något liknande, dock tror jag att hon har ett ganska runt ansitke av sig själv och hon kanske blev aningen magrare vid kindbenen när hon började spela in TSCC, vem vet.

    Som sist tänke jag bara säga att jag tycker hon är väldigt söt och hoppas att sannerligen få se mer av henne i framtiden, inte bara i stela robotroller, synska labil, utan i andra typer av roller också.

    Tack för att jag fick lägga en komentar


  24. Que tienes con ella, cual ombligo, ella es linda, y me gusta su actución, Summer Glau Mamasita!!!

  25. Hey guys, these are two different women here. The one with the outie in the first photo has a different body structure to her abs area than does the woman with the innie.

    In other words, the woman with the innie has an abdomen that is more toned and has a body mass than contains considerably less body fat than the woman with the outie. If the girl with the innie were the same person as the girl with the outie, the incidence of her navel protruding would certainly be more than what is presented in these photos, considering the fact that the body stance in each photo is near identical to the one with the outie.

    In addition, the navel ring is at an odd angle in the outie photo compared to the navel ring in the innie photos, which would suggest that something is possibly amiss here. As well, the girl in the photo with the outie has had a broken nose at some time in her life as is evidenced by the classic broken-nose anomaly on the bridge of her nose, whereas the girl with the innie has a nose that is devoid of this broken-nose anomaly.

  26. Summer is so beautiful. I hate to objectify women in general but she’s a 10 in my books. god bless her.


    Summer is contracting her stomach and this forces a slight protrusion while standing, and simple shadows and light create the rest of the out-button illusion. Having your way her many times, the only thing that get’s turned outward are her delicate girl parts when she gets busy down under.

  28. Definitely strange! It goes out, then in? It’s probably covered up wit makeup to appear innie, thats my guess.

  29. She doesn’t have an outtie in any of those photos, you morons. She has a belly-button ring. GD people are dumb as hell.

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