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Outing Summer Glau’s Belly Button

Summer Glau

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Summer Glau has a magic belly button.

Her belly button changes in her various TV appearances, and I’m curious if the producers are using costume makeup, CGI, or maybe she had surgery?

Summer Glau And no, I’m not trying to mock her or objectify her body in typical Hollywood tabloid style. I’ve been a respectful fan of Summer Glau since 2002, when she starred on the beloved space western Firefly.

These days, she plays Cameron, the helpful, butt-kicking robot on the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She’s a beautiful, sexy and talented actress AND ballet dancer. Summer Glau is totally amazing.

But… something is going on with her belly button! I think there’s a belly button conspiracy happening right under our noses, so I decided to post some comparison photos and try to get to the bottom of this navel mystery.

Click on a photo to view full-size.

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

As you can see, Summer has an Outie belly button, plain as day. No big deal, really. The photo above is from 2006, during her guest appearance on the TV show The Unit.

The thing is, during this scene her belly button changes.

Here’s a picture from the same scene, and when she walks over to the guy — suddenly her Outie is gone, and she has a belly piercing instead. WTF?

Summer Glau

We get to see Summer’s Innie with Piercing again during a quick shot of her in a kiddie pool.

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

But during a longer shot of the same scene, her belly button is purposefully hidden behind a newspaper. Is it to cut down on the cost of makeup/CGI?

Summer Glau

What’s going on here? Quite a mystery, isn’t it? But wait – there’s more!

Now let’s jump to the year 2009. Just last Friday on The Sarah Conner Chronicles, we were treated to a quick scene of Summer in her underwear.

There’s no sign of her majestic Outie belly button. Where did it go?

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

So there you have it, Folks. Her Outie belly button has been terminated.

But how? Was it through surgery? Makeup? CGI? And how do you explain her belly button changes that occur mid-scene on The Unit? Either there’s something fishy going on, or she has a magic belly button.

If anyone has any further insight into the greatest navel mystery in history, please do share in the comments below.

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Skate-Fu Comic Adventure


Every once in a while, something truly unique in the media world comes along…like the “skate-fu” adventure comic series, Street Angel.

This comic series is set in the urban hell of Wilkesborough. On any given day, in Wilkesborough’s seedy and violent streets, ninjas, mad scientists, renegade robots and time-traveling Spanish conquistadors wreak all manner of havoc.


Jesse Sanchez, a homeless 12 year-old martial arts/skateboard prodigy, known and feared as Street Angel, is the only one who can deal with the unexplained chaos.

With gravity-defying skateboarding and masterful kung fu throwdowns, Jessie Sanchez offers the comic world an intriguing and outrageous experience.

[via Street Angel Comics]

An independent film company is adapting the comic to the screen. Here’s the cheeky trailer for the film and sneak peek of the making of Street Angel.

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