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Spider-Man Costumes, Super Cheap

Spider-Man CostumesSpider-Man CostumesSpider-Man Costumes

I must say I’m blown away by the low prices of Spider-Man costumes at Costume Craze. They are having a huge sale right now, and it’s a perfect time to stock up on your Spider-Man gear.

They have a bunch of costumes at over half off, and that’s a serious chunk of change. It brings new meaning to the phrase “Spider Cents” – ha, thanks, I’ll be here all week.

With a Spider-Man musical coming in the near future, and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 fast tracked as well, the web slinger will be back in full force in no time at all.

At MyDisguises, we prefer to focus on costumes, and not so much on commerical advertising. But when we see a deal this good, well – we like to spread the word!

[via Costume Craze]

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Star Trek’s New Orion Slave Girl Costume

Orion Slave Girl has a photo of an Orion slave girl from the upcoming Star Trek movie. This photo was revealed during a promotion for the new Star Trek trading card set, and the picture is quickly making its way around the Internet as fanboys type with fervent glee.

Actress Diora Baird will be wearing the green paint in this movie, and I must say she is a fine choice for casting.

Diora Baird

The exotic, green ladies from Star Trek have long been a popular costume worn by fans at sci fi events and cons, and it wasn’t hard to find several cosplay photos on Flickr.

Orion Slave Girl CostumeOrion Slave Girl Costume

Orion Slave Girl CostumeOrion Slave Girl Costume

Awesome costume pics!

I’d say Capt. Kirk is going to have his hands full in this movie, since legend has it that “no human male can resist them.” Well, it’s easy to see why.

Although, I have heard an interesting tidbit about new Star Trek movie. While Diora Baird will be playing an Orion woman, rumor has it that she won’t be slave. I wonder if she will be enrolled in the Academy as a student? Maybe the movie will address the history and mythology of Orion, and how they came to be slaves.

Here’s a video of an Orion Slave from the original Star Trek pilot, The Cage. Poor Capt. Pike, he looks distressed. Let’s hope Kirk does a better job of keeping it together in the new movie!

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Prostinauts: Fun with Astronaut Costumes

Astronaut Costumes

Sure, this astronaut is smiling and looks happy. But don’t be fooled. The life of an astronaut is totally hard and full of bitter disappointment. Did you know that over 71% of all former astronauts end up on the streets?

Ha, that’s actually a quote from this funny short film created by Guy Stevenson. He had fun with astronaut costumes and made a short mockumentary entitled Prostinauts.

It cracks me up to imagine these astronauts living on the streets, turning to crime, and all the while walking very slowly like they are on the moon.

Funny stuff! Enjoy the video below!


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RIP Andy Hallett


RIP, Andy Hallett.

Andy Hallett passed away yesterday at the young age of 33 due to his ongoing battle with heart disease. He was best known for his role on Angel as Lorne, the karoeoke singing demon.

This news makes me so very sad. Although I never met Andy Hallett in person, he seemed like a geniunely nice guy and he was a terrific singer.

I LOVED watching Angel, and Lorne was one of my favorite characters. He added a lot of humor and depth to the show, starting out as a recurring guest star, but was so popular that he soon became a main character.

And his costume was AWESOME. Lorne was completely green, with little red horns on his forehead. I wonder how much time it took to put on all the green makeup, every single day.

Andy Hallett, you made the world a better place. You will be missed!


Marvel SuperHeroes: What The–?!

Attention all Superhero fans!

Checkout the “Giant Size” premier of Marvel SuperHeroes: What The–?!, a new online stop-motion animation video series produced by Marvel.

Looks like a ton of fun, making movies with action figures. Something tells me Marvel is run by a group of kids pretending to be adults. Very funny stuff, I love it!

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Superhero School

Maybe YOU should consider a career in being a SUPERHERO! It’s one of the fastest growing, most satisfying careers out there!

LOL, I thought this video was pretty funny. Though, seriously – the best costume he could come up with is a tight orange shirt?

Still, he has cool super powers, and it is a good parody of all the rather lame “Start a career in ______” commericials that get shown late at night on TV.

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Have You Heard of GlowMan Costumes?

GlowMan Costumes

No, you are not looking at drawings of stick people. These are in fact a new kind of costume, one I predict will become HUGELY POPULAR this year.

What you are seeing are the new GlowMan and GlowGirl costumes available at Costume Craze.

These costumes have custom glow sticks attached, and when activated, they glow brightly in the dark and make you look like a stick figure! It’s really cool!

To get the full effect, watch this video below. I totally love this idea!

[via Costume Craze]


Human Slinky Costume Costs a Million Dollars

Human Slinky Costume

Every once in a while, I find a costume story so crazy and insane that it just has to be true. Have no doubt, Gentle Readers, that this is one of those stories.

This incredibe, amazing, and astonishing Human Slinky Costume is for sale on Ebay for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

Check out the video:

Wow, that is super cool. But a million dollars? Seriously? Okay, maybe this is just a joke, I really don’t know.
Human Slinky Costume Costs a Million Dollars
Since Ebay bid pages come and go, I took a screenshot to preserve this momentous occasion.

Here’s what the description says on Ebay:

You are bidding on the most unique costume ©Veniamin’s Human Slinky around the World! This costume is Patented Award Copyright for Life+Fifty Years of the Author, Oprea Ioan Veniamin®. This bidding is for the © Human Slinky costume and 5 (five) Years permission to perform this act on stage around the World.

So it comes with permission to wear the costume, how generous! I wonder what happens after five years?

If you’re ready to buy, and you’ve pulled out your limitless American Express card, but still have a few lingering doubts — consider this fantastic bonus: It comes with Free Shipping! Wow, talk about great savings!

LOL, I love bizarre costume stories like this one. I’m curious if anyone will buy it. There’s a lot of crazy people in the world, so you just never know.

[via Ebay]

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