Wolverine and Elvis are Brothers
February 24, 2009 blogroll

I was looking over some of the new costumes at Costume Craze – and confirmed something I’ve long suspected. Clearly, Wolverine and Elvis are brothers.

It makes perfect sense – Wolverine is a terrible singer, and that’s why he’s always so pissed off.

Elvis WigWolverine Wig

Heh, all jokes aside, Costume Craze has a bunch of new Wolverine costumes. You should check ’em out!

Wolverine CostumeWolverine CostumeWolverine Costume

[via Costume Craze]

Are you ready for the new Wolverine movie? I can’t wait!

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  1. thx M8.. i agree with you. im a cosplayer and this is a thing!
    woverine wig 37 dollars
    elvis wig 10 dollars

    Thx much

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