The Second Generation of “V”


Remember the not-so-friendly alien lizards who invaded TV in the 1980’s and became a real hit? According to Variety, the rodent-swallowing, human harvesting, Nazi-esque visitors are set to make a comeback to primetime…and I couldn’t be happier!

I watched every episode, faithfully, and was crushed when the glorious SCI-FI journey ended. Heavy sigh.

The remake, “V”: The Second Generation, won’t copy the concept of the original, but will still address the consequences of the masses blindly following their leaders.

Photo still from original “V”

The story will center on Erica Evans, a Homeland Security agent with a directionless son who’s got some issues. When the aliens arrive, her son grasps on to them — causing family strife. As in the original “V” series, several storylines will unfold simultaneously.

Although the storyline may differ from the 80”s version, the new “V’s” basic premise will be the same as the original. In fact, the show will open with a sky-full of spaceships hovering over the world’s major cities and, of course, while the visitors will claim they’ve come to help Earth, their motives will turn out to be positively diabolical.

I don’t think a “V” remake can ever trump the original, but I’ll still be sitting in front of the TV with my bowl of popcorn and my guinea pig safely locked in a cage.

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