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No Mask Needed for Obama Look-Alike

For the last year, Obama masks have been flying off the shelves of costume retailers.

There’s one man who doesn’t need an Obama mask – he’s shot to fame by being an Obama Look-alike. Meet Ilham Anas, an Indonesian photographer who’s resemblance to our new president is uncanny.

Obama Look-Alike

Anas is constantly asked to do interviews, and he even starred in a TV commercial for heartburn medication in the Phillipines. I wonder if the Secret Service will want him to perform dangerous body double services for Obama. How crazy would that be?

You can view more photos of Ilham Anas over at Yahoo News.

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Top 50 Sexy Sci-fi Costumes

Top 50 Sexy Sci-fi Costumes

Den of Geek has a fantastic Top 50 list of the sexiest Sci-fi costumes. Not only do they add commentary for each photo, but they also include a video of the character in action. This is a must read!

Here are a few from their from the list. Be sure to head over to Den of Geek to read the entire article.


Morena Baccarin
Morena Baccarin – Stargate SG-1

Rebecca Romijn
Rebecca Romijn – X-Men


Persis Khambatta
Persis Khambatta – Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Jenny Agutter
Jenny Agutter – Logan’s Run


Sybil Danning
Sybil Danning – Battle Beyond The Stars


Carrie Fisher
Carrie Fisher – Return Of The Jedi

Glad to see Princess Leia and her metal bikini made the list. Although I was surprised that she didn’t come in at Number 1. Find out who did at Den of Geek!


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Fat Ninja Botches ATM Thefts


The “Beverly Hills Ninja” might have been plump and klutzy, but at least he wasn’t involved in the shameful shenanigans of this porky Palm Beach pilferer!

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, an overweight man with a potbelly tried to steal two different ATMs over the past two weeks…unsuccessfully. The unidentified man is seen here, in Security video from the ATMs, wearing a black ninja outfit with a hood that reveals only his eyes.

Looks like the not-so-stealthy ninja should hit the treadmill before using his numbskull skills on the ATM’s!

Watch the Video


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Spider-man Comic Features Obama


There is a long history of presidents appearing in Spider-Man comics, from Franklin D. Roosevelt through to George W. Bush, who has appeared on several occasions.

But President-elect Barack Obama made it onto the pages of the Spidey comic sooner than the others because he mentioned that he was a fan. A statement from Obama’s campaign listed “10 little known facts about the Democrat who will be America’s first black president” and collecting Spider-Man comics was at the top of the list.

Set on January 20, this special edition of the weekly Spider-Man comic features a six-page story about the superhero saving the day when an imposter tries to take Obama’s place as president.

Marvel didn’t specify how many copies of the Obama issue will be printed but indicated it would probably be more than normal since regular issues of Spider-Man usually sell out.

Excitement about Obama’s election has fueled a memorabilia boom and the Spider-Man / Obama edition, is likely to become an instant collectors’ item!

[via Reuters]

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Gothic Bellydancing

The only thing better than good old fashioned bellydancing is GOTHIC bellydancing. Awesome!


Gothic Bellydancing

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Funny Cop Jumping

Funny Cop Jumping

Ha, what’s going on here? It appears these Berlin policemen, dressed in their fine green uniforms, decided to put on a show.

I don’t know, that’s just asking for trouble. LOL!

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A little more about Elf Fantasy Fair

We were contacted by Hellwolve regarding this event. He has more information to provide, so I thought we would just turn his comments into a separate post. Here ya go!! – manny

Ah, the Elf Fantasy Fair! I love it – been there twice and so far, I’ve had a lot of fun For the coming Elf Fantasy Fair, there is something special, too: a contest of sorts for who will be the King or Queen of Elfië.

‘Elfië’ is the name that has been given to the grounds of the Fair; a country of sorts that, for two days, will actually ‘exist’, in that it’ll have it’s own flag, anthem, consul, ambassador and a King or a Queen. Worthy of it’s Fantasy roots, the King or Queen will be chosen by the people…

The online ‘hunt’ for a new King or Queen was started last month, the first of December 2008. It’ll end this month, the 30th of January 2009.

Whoever becomes King or Queen will receive some privileges, but primarily, it’ll be really, really fun, as you get to do interviews, parades, all kinds of stuff.

Potential candidates were to create a promotional video for themselves and these video’s can be seen here:

I, personally, will be going for King of that Fair, with the persona of “Morthar Corvinos”. Me, Hellwolve, but different, so to speak

If you wish to vote in this contest, you can do so here:

To place your vote, follow the above link, scroll down to where one can see “Polls”. On the right, it will say:

Een nieuwe koning en/of koningin van Elfië dient gekozen te worden. Aan wie geef jij je vertrouwen? (Stemming loopt t/m 30 januari)

Gyan & Netel
Queen of Hearts & The Joker
Morthar Corvinos

Select the dot before ‘Morthar Corvinos’ and click the button to place your vote.

Thank you for your attention!

— Hellwolve

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Europe’s Fantasy Fair


Start saving your other-worldly pennies because, if you’re a fantasy lover…there’s somewhere you’ll want to be in April.

In the Netherlands, there is a magical fair that will transport you into a real world of pure fantasy.

Every year, since 2001, about 25,000 fantasy lovers from all over Europe attend the largest fantasy event on the European Continent, known as the Elf Fantasy Fair.

At least two thirds of the visitors come as orcs, magicians, knights, vampires, elves and more. Held on real castle grounds at the Kasteel de Haar, it’s not hard for visitors to imagine themselves in the realm of fantasy as they enjoy Medieval music, dancing, lectures, plays and parades.


Internationally renowned authors and actors also attend the fair and the event has grown to include other themes such as Manga, Sci-Fi and Gothic. An Apocalypse theme was added for 2009, so visitors can expect to see angels and devils in the fantasy realm, as well.

Visit the Elf Fantasy Fair site for info, then start filing your incisors and fluffing your wings because, if the pictures are any indication, you’re in for a magical experience at the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands.

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