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ThatCostumeGirl Dances in her Elf Costume


I love what ThatCostumeGirl is doing over on her costume blog.

This week, she provides an excellent tutorial on How to Make an Elf Costume – with no sewing required! All the bases are covered: The shoes, the outfit and hat. Very helpful! And she looks terrific.

Best of all is her Elf Dance video that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I love it! What a great way to have fun with costumes and spread holiday cheer. Well done, TCG!

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Costume Quick Change Artist

This is pretty cool. These people set a world record for the most costume changes by an individual in one minute. She changes her clothes 11 times! This was filmed on the set of Zheng Da Zong Yi for a Guinness World Records Special in Beijing in 2007.

Totally amazing. How do they do that?

The actual performance doesn’t start until about half-way through the video. Enjoy!

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Christmas Martian Movie Worst Ever


Try to picture the worst Christmas flick you can think of, and you still won’t come close to Santa Conquers the Martians (yes, it’s a real movie). A 1964 sci-fi film, Santa Conquers the Martians regularly appears on lists of the “worst films ever made” and at one time became a holiday staple on Comedy Central because it’s so, well, laughable.

Interestingly, despite its “bad movie” status, there is also a comic book version of the film.


In Santa Conquers the Martians, centuries of feeding education into the brains of Martian children through machines has resulted in their inability to experience individuality and freedom of thought. It is decided that the only way to help the children is to allow them to have some fun.

So, the Martian leaders kidnap Santa Claus from earth and bring him to Mars to make toys for the children of their planet. Of course, there’s an “evil” Martian (who’s about as scary as pet turtle) intent on foiling the fun.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the film’s storyline that stinks. The sets are crude, the acting is unforgivable, and the Martian costumes, well…those are my favorite. The helmets look like a cross between a TV set and scuba mask. You gotta love the 60’s!

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The Cast of How I Met Your Mother – Best of 2008

The Cast of How I Met Your Mother

Do any of you watch the TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother? The cast has done something funny again, this time in a photo-op that celebrates “The Best of 2008.”

Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigon, Josh Radnor and Jason Segel wear some great costumes, and as EW puts it, “reenact some of the year’s most memorable moments…memorably!”

The Cast of How I Met Your Mother
Indiana Jones


The Cast of How I Met Your Mother
Sex and the City


The Cast of How I Met Your Mother
The V.P. Debate: Sarah Palin and Joe Biden


The Cast of How I Met Your Mother
Michael Phelps and the 2008 Olympic Relay Team


The Cast of How I Met Your Mother
The Jonas Brothers

These pictures crack me up! What a fun and original way to promote their TV show and celebrate the end of the year. Well done!

On the web: EW’s Best & Worst of 2008.

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Reindog Parade Costumes

Reindog Parade

Animal lovers in Cincinnati held the 18th annual Reindog Parade a few days ago, and lots of great costumes were on display. People dressed themselves, and their dogs, in costume and marched through the streets.

Looks like a great time! The parade is a fund raiser for the Cincinnati Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals. This year, 650 dogs participated in this year’s event attended by about 3,000 people.

Here are a few photos from the event. Visit to view all the photos in the gallery.
[via Cincinnati Enquirer]

Reindog ParadeReindog Parade

Reindog Parade

Reindog ParadeReindog Parade

Reindog Parade

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The Phantom gets a New Costume

The Phantom Costume

Here’s an interesting bit of superhero news. The Phantom is coming back to Hollywood for a new movie. It will be a “reboot,” not a sequel to the 1996 movie starring Billy Zane.

Screenwriter Tim Boyle tells CNS that a costume change is underway for the crimefighting jungle dweller.

“No more purple leotard outfit for the mysterious masked avenger.”

Boyle explains, “Like Batman Begins, where he takes a high tech spelunking suit and turns it into the basis of his costume – we’re looking at making it a real world costume. Think of what Bryan Singer did with the blue and yellow Wolverine costume – that’s what we have to do. Make it accessible to the public without annoying the fans too much.”
[via CNS]

The Phantom lives in the jungles of Africa and fights pirates and other crime lords. He normally wears a skin-tight purple leotard and rides a white horse named Hero. He is aided by a wolf named Devil and a trained falcon named Fraka.

Basically, he’s a cross between Tarzan and Zorro.

The Phantom Costume


I’m very interested to see what his new costume will look like. I admit his purple spandex in the jungle looks fairly silly. But he’s been that way in the comics for over 70 years. If they completely change his look, the fans will indeed be outraged.

The new Phantom movie is tentatively scheduled for a 2009 release, and the working title is The Ghost Who Walks.

We’ll post a photo of the new costume as soon as we can. In the meantime, enjoy these clips from the 1996 movie starring Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta Jones and Kristy Swanson.


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Princess Leia Dress Wins Worst Outfit of the Year

Princess Leia Dress Wins Worst Outfit of the Year

Ah, what a lovely Princess Leia dress! I really don’t understand how Time Magazine can call this the “Worst Outfit of the Year.”

Pretty funny! This is a photo of Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, wearing a sci-fi dress “that makes her look like she’s encrusted with ammonoid fossils.”

Ha, the editor of Vogue? Isn’t she supposed to be an expert on fashion?


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Shrek The Musical Opens on Broadway

Shrek Opens on Broadway

Everyone’s favorite ogre is back in top form. Shrek the Musical opened on Broadway last night, an adaptation of the 2001 blockbuster movie about an ogre with a heart of gold.

The New York Times gave the show a mixed review. Critic Ben Brantley says, “Shrek, for the record, is not bad.”

But Brantley’s main objection to the show, interestingly enough, is the costumes.

“Then there’s the issue of performers having to dress up to resemble fantasy illustrations, a process that, to put it kindly, tends to cramp expressive acting. As the title character, a misanthropic green ogre who learns to love, the talented Mr. James is so encumbered with padding and prosthetics that your instinct is to rush the stage and tap his head to see if he’s really in there.”

I haven’t seen the show, but based on the photos and video I’ve seen, I think the costumes look really good. Great, in fact. This show looks like a ton of fun.

Shrek Opens on BroadwayShrek Opens on Broadway

Shrek Opens on Broadway

[via New York Times]

Shrek the Musical will run on Broadway through Dec. 21, 2008. If you are able to get to New York City, you can purchase tickets online from The show runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes and is fun for the whole family (ages 4 and up).

A new Shrek movie is scheduled for a theatrical release in 2010, aptly entitled, “Shrek Goes Fourth.” Glad to see our big green buddy isn’t going away any time soon!


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