Dark Knight Heavy-Lifting Tips

This is a pretty funny video from CollegeHumor.

Batman and the Joker team up to fight back pain in Better Living with B & J. It’s nice to see that two enemies can put aside their differences to make the world a better place.

Thanks to SBlakely for the tip.


Update (12-03-08) –
I didn’t realize that there are a ton of these Dark Knight PSA videos. These are funny, enjoy!

Update (6-30-09) –
Fixed all the broken Youtube link. Thanks, moo!



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4 Responses to Dark Knight Heavy-Lifting Tips

  1. green card says:

    Why this web site do not have other languages support?

  2. manny says:

    Good question, Green Card. I just added a translation widget to the sidebar. Enjoy!

  3. moo says:

    pretty sure these are still up on funny or die

  4. manny says:

    Thanks, moo. I fixed the links.

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