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Drag Queen and Pirate Wench Ring in 2009


The traditional “ball drop” is so last year (and the year before that, and the year before that). But head to the Florida Keys and you’re bound to ring in the New Year as only the Keys can.

Yes, you will undoubtedly enjoy balmy temperatures and beachside fireworks. But it’s their unique version of Times Square’s ball drop that you’ll remember every year around New Year’s Eve.

At one location, people are expected to ring in the New Year by watching a gigantic manmade conch shell, the symbol of the Florida Keys, descend from the skies to the roof of Sloppy Joe’s Bar.

A few blocks away, a lavishly costumed female impersonator named Sushi will descend seconds before midnight in a super-sized red high heel suspended above the crowd.


In Key West’s Historic Seaport, just before midnight, a pirate wench will begin her descent from the top of the mast of a stately tall ship. There’s even festivities for pets.


I vote for dropping the ball. Give me the Keys, please.

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Ring in the New Year with Costumes


The celebration of the New Year is the oldest of all holidays, dating back 4000 years to ancient Babylon. The Babylonian New Year celebration lasted eleven days. Ours lasts only one night, so why not make it as fun as possible by incorporating costumes?

According to Allana Baroni, at, when guests get dressed up, they’re able to step outside themselves to mingle and flirt.

In this video, she shows you how to set up a Costume Station that will help coax your guest’s alter egos to come out and play.

There’s nothing like costumes to help you ring in the New Year with style!

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Yinka Shonibare’s African Costumes

Yinka Shonibare

British-Nigerian textile artist Yinka Shonibare is internationally recognized for his recreation of historical figures dressed in African print costumes.

The costumes are incredible, and his art is intriguing. If you notice, none of his figures have a head! Shonibare uses humor and parody to addresses issues of class in Nigeria and the British colonization during the Victorian era.

Fascinating! You can view all the photos HERE, and there’s also a 9-minute video where he talks about his art HERE (sorry, no embed code).

African Costumes

African Costumes

African Costumes

African Costumes

African Costumes

African Costumes

[via Saharan Vibe]

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Alligator Dog Costume

Alligator Dog Costume

As far as dog costumes go, this is definitely one of the better ones. Although it can’t be fun to drag that alligator suit around, the poor puppy.

But it does look great! What a funny idea. I wonder how heavy that costume is?

Alligator Dog CostumeAlligator Dog Costume

[via Gizmodo]

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Japanese Game Show: Cats in Costumes

These videos are quite odd. Can someone tell me what exactly is going on here?

It’s a Japanese game show involving cats in costumes, and I’m at a loss for words….

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Merry Christmas!

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SF Santacon 2008

SF Santacon 2008

Thousands of Santas took over the streets of San Francisco last week for the annual Santacon. They filled up the malls, bars and downtown sidewalks, spreading goodwill and holiday cheer.

Santacon occurs in many cities throughout the world this time of year. As members of the Cacophony Society, their goal is to unite “in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society through subversion, pranks, art, fringe explorations and meaningless madness.”

Sounds fun, and looks like a great time!

Here are a few photos from the event. Be sure to check out the giant SF Santacon photo gallery on Flickr.

SF Santacon 2008SF Santacon 2008

SF Santacon 2008

SF Santacon 2008

SF Santacon 2008

SF Santacon 2008

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A Superhero’s “Knight Before Christmas”

As a kid, I remember my grandfather reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to me on Christmas Eve. Since then, I’ve heard a million different versions of the story…except for Batman’s version.

For superhero fans everywhere, here’s the “Dark Knight Before Christmas.”

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