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The Ultimate Vampire Slaying Kit

The Ultimate Vampire Costume Accessory

This is extremely cool. A complete, authentic vampire slaying kit! A must have for all Vampire Hunters.

Made in the year 1800, this kit contains stakes, holy water, a gun (with silver bullets), crosses, a Bible, mirrors, candles and garlic! It comes in a hand-crafted walnut case with a carved cross on top.

The antique kit recently sold at an auction in Mississippi for a mere $14,850. WOW.

This is the real thing, it’s not a toy. Someone wasn’t playing around, eh? I wasn’t completely convinced before, but now I’m sure vampires are real. And I NEED a kit like this one ASAP.


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Baby Cinema

Even babies enjoy a good film parody once in a while. Here’s the wee ones’ version of two BIG Blockbusters:

Baby Harry Potter

Bat Baby

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Rambo Imitator Jailed over Toy Knife


There’s a reason mum told you not to play with knives. But why didn’t she ever warn you not to play with plastic ones (especially if you’re planning on dressing as Rambo for a night out on the town)?

British student, Anthony Radley, 21, must have missed that lecture.

He was approaching a friend’s house in Lenton, Nottingham (England), when he was stopped by officers. While the police didn’t seem to mind his menacing Rambo attire, they did take exception to his six inch plastic toy knife.

Police demanded that Radley put his hands in the air before they cuffed and searched him.

Radley was arrested and spent three hours in a cell before being charged with causing public alarm.

He was then offered an £80 fine instead of having to go to court. Initially taking the fine, he later decided it was silly and appealed it.

The case has been dropped, but it seems to have cured Radley of any desire to go out and about with a plastic knife in tow.


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Chocolate Superhero Costumes

Chocolate Superhero CostumesChocolate Superhero Costumes

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Chocolate costumes!!

The Chocolate Show in New York City debuted with a chocolate superhero fashion show. These costumes were created by chocolatiers and pastry chefs, and I must say they look very tasty!

Shown above are photos of a chocolate Batgirl and Laura Croft in this “edible catwalk extravaganza.”


Bat Girl sported a fitted chocolate bodice as well as large chocolate wings with the classic comic-book words ‘Kapow’ and ‘Bang’ painted onto them.

The Lara Croft outfit comprised a chocolate bikini top and chocolate hotpants complete with a chocolate holster and guns.

Chocolate Superhero Costumes

Chocolate Superhero CostumesChocolate Superhero Costumes

Of course, no superhero fashion show would be complete without Wonder Woman and Iron Man. There was also a bodybuilder outfit complete with giant chocolate dumbells, as well as a fantastic Warrior Woman made of French chocolate that reportedly took 120 hours to make.

Wow, that’s pretty crazy. Let’s hope they kept the room temperature nice and cool.

Chocolate Superhero CostumesChocolate Superhero Costumes

Simply amazing! Wouldn’t this make a great “Got Milk?” commercial?

[Via and]


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Cheering for Ghostbusters

Cheerleader Ghostbusters

Here are a few great photos of the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders recently performing in Ghostbuster costumes. Looks like a great show. They even had a Stay Puft Marshmellow Man dancing with them.

There’s nothing better than a sexy Ghostbuster costume to chase away any ghosts who may have come to watch the football game.

Cheerleader Ghostbusters

Cheerleader GhostbustersCheerleader Ghostbusters

[via NFLCheerleader]

Actually, I take that back – there IS something better than a sexy Ghostbuster.

Check out these Steampunk Ghostbusters. Wow!

Steampunk Ghostbusters

Steampunk Ghostbusters

Steampunk GhostbustersSteampunk GhostbustersSteampunk Ghostbusters

[via Josh Freeman]

Ghostbusters was a huge hit in 1984, and today the franchise is as strong as ever. Atari just announced a new Ghostbusters video game, and Hollywood sources have confirmed a third Ghostbusters movie is in the works! Apparently, the writers from the NBC comedy, “The Office,” will write the script.

Sounds great, I can’t wait for a new movie!

Feeling nostalgic? Why not treat yourself to the original Ghostbusters movie? You can watch the entire movie FREE on

Ghostbusters Movie

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Rabbit Hunter Costume


Admittedly, I’ve never seen a costume quite like this one before…kind of gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “rabbit hunter,” doesn’t it? I think it’s both cool and a little, um, disturbing. The only information I could seem to find about this costume was that the picture was posted on the internet in November of 2007 (maybe my internet research skills are rusty) but I’d sure like to know the story behind it (Elmer Fudd, beware)!

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How I Made a Newspaper Costume

pa210031small.jpgThis is the story of how I made a costume out of newspaper!

Some advice for anyone who wants to try this at home: Try it! It’s fun, and you can experiment with fashion ideas without worrying about ruining expensive fabric. Be careful though — newspaper is very stiff and fragile. This makes it difficult to work with, or simply, it’s very different than working with fabric.

The first thing I did was come up with a design idea. I wanted something that would look awesome, but would be pretty easy to make. I decided on a fairly simple Victorian-style dress. Not that easy, maybe, but it definitely would look awesome. I also decided to use black and silver duct tape, which would not only hold it together, but would look like a nice trim.

I decided on a long, pleated skirt, with a few embellishments in the back to simulate a bustle, but in a way that really emphasized the medium of newspaper. I decided on pleats because I knew that newspaper would be basically impossible to gather, but pleats achieve nearly the same effect and would work much more nicely with the stiffness of the medium.

The skirt was easy. I didn’t need a pattern, I just taped a lot of sheets of newspaper together into one very long piece, and cut it off to the correct length for a skirt. Then I pleated the middle of it, taping down the pleats at the top, until it was a good length to fit around my waist with enough overlap. Here’s a photo of the skirt at that point.


The skirt just wraps around and tapes closed in the front. I also added a cool folded detail to the edge of the front overlap.

newspaper_dress6.jpgFrom there it was a simple matter of rolling up a few sheets of newspaper for the bustle in the back, and adding more duct tape for embellishment.

Now, unfortunately, I didn’t get any work in progress photos of the top of the dress, so I’ll just have to describe it to you. I knew that making the top wouldn’t be as easy as the skirt, so I decided to use a pattern for it. Even with that, I ended up choosing a kind of advanced pattern. The only reason I chose it was because I had used it before, and because I thought it would work well with the newspaper (I was half right and half wrong on that count).

newspaper_dress1.jpgSo I started out just like I was sewing something normal–finding the pattern pieces I needed and cutting them out of the newspaper (okay, so the newspaper part wasn’t normal, but the process was). From there, I actually had to cut the newspaper pattern pieces smaller. Because I wouldn’t be making real seams, I cut off the seam allowance so that I could tape the pieces together, with the edges right next to each other. By the way, taping is much faster than sewing. I was surprised at how quickly I made this costume! Sewing it would have taken weeks!

So I just taped the pieces together to make the bodice of the dress. There was one unlucky surprise–I didn’t realize that the sleeves were supposed to be gathered into the armscye, so I had to make do by making tiny pleats until the sleeves fit onto the bodice. Overall I think it made the sleeves look kind of crumpled, but I don’t think there was any way to prevent that.

The bodice pattern is designed to close in the front with buttons–instead I just used pieces of black tape to serve that purpose.



Then I decided to go one step further to make the costume even more awesome, and added a hat. My original idea was to have a witch hat with a very wide brim, with rolled up newspaper to match the “bustle” on the skirt. So I made the brim first . . . only to discover that it was far too heavy. It was just too much newspaper, and it couldn’t support its own weight!

I thought about reinforcing it with cardboard, but ultimately decided that a change of hat design was a better idea. Instead of wide, I would go with tall, and to continue the rolled-up newspaper motif, I made two long “plumes” to go on the side of the hat. The hat itself would just be a cone, like a witch hat, but without a brim at all.

I’m not sure how many hours it took, but I used up about 3 full newspapers making this costume!

pa210027a-copy.jpg pa210028a-copy.jpg pa210030-copy.jpg

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A Star Wars Thanksgiving

What do Star Wars and Thanksgiving have in common? Nothing, you would think. But this hilarious Xbox commericial blends clever advertising, in promoting a their Star Wars game, with the ensuing quirkiness that sometimes prevails at Thanksgiving’s traditional family gatherings (after watching this video, I think I’ll pack my light saber before heading off to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving dinner).

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