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“Dead” Comic Book Hero Reborn on Big Screen


This Christmas Day, another hero born of comics comes to life on the big screen.

Adapted from Will Eisner’s comic book series, and directed by Frank Miller (creator of “300” and “Sin City”), The Spirit tells the story of a man who mysteriously returns from the dead to fight crime from the shadows of Central City.

Unfortunately, the Octopus (Spirit’s arch-enemy) plans to wipe out the hero’s beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality.

While tracking this cold hearted killer, The Spirit faces a slew of beautiful women who may want to seduce, love or kill the masked crusader.

The film will be a contemporary version of the ’40s and ’50s comic strip era, aiming for a “timeless feel.”


While director Frank Miller intends to be faithful to the integrity of the material, he won’t make it nostalgic and predicts that people will find it scarier than expected.

Miller plans to film The Spirit using the same digital background technology that was used for Sin City, copying specific shots from the comic.

Created in 1940, Eisner’s Spirit ran in newspapers and comic books across the United States for twelve years.


Eisner’s pioneering work on The Spirit created a comic book style that departed from the melodrama of most superhero serials, focusing instead on the tragedy, romance, and world-weary humor of his characters.

DC Comics are currently publishing Will Eisner’s The Spirit Archives, reprinting the entire original series in high quality hard cover editions. They have also launched an all new monthly The Spirit series.

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Sony Denies Accusations of Costume Theft

Sony recently held a costume design contest for the “Sackboy” character in their video game LittleBigPlanet, and fans have accused them of stealing costume design ideas from non-winning entries. Sony has released a statement denying this accusation.

If you’re not familiar with the game, take a look at the trailer above. Players control small customizable “Sackboy” characters to solve puzzles and interact with a 3D environment.

So what happened? Well, Sony picked a winner and offered the winning costume as a free download for LittleBigWorld players. THEN, they released additional costumes as well, but charged money for them. And that’s when the great Costume Controversy began.

Sony’s new costumes are remarkably similar to several non-winning contest entries. Fans have cried foul, accusing Sony of copying and profiting from their uncredited costume designs.

Here are a few examples of design similarities provided by the disgrunted gamers.

Fanmade Design:
Sony Costume ContestSony Costume Contest

Sony’s Design:
Sony Costume ContestSony Costume Contest



Fanmade Design:
Sony Costume Contest
Sony’s Design:
Sony Costume Contest



Fanmade Design:

Sony Costume Contest

Sony’s Design:
Sony Costume ContestSony Costume Contest


As you can see, there ARE strong similarities between the costume designs. But did Sony do anything illegal? It doesn’t appear to be the case. All contest participants agreed to Sony’s Terms & Conditions before submitting their artwork. The fine print of the contest rules makes it clear that all submitted materials became the property of Sony. Case closed, it would seem.

But Sony went a step further and denied that any copying took place at all. According to a Sony representative:

“This was always going to be a possibility when we ran the costumer competition – releasing new costumes which are similar in theme to ones that were entered. Here’s the fact of the matter, the art team who are responsible for designing new original (ie unlicensed) costumes were involved at the very final stage of judging, by which time the number of entries had been whittled down to 10 from each batch of entries (Europe, Japan, USA). If at any time we take inspiration from a costume competition entry that didn’t win overall we will contact the creator directly.”

Hmm, so what are the disgruntled Sackboy costume designers to do? There’s probably nothing they CAN do. Legally, Sony has their fine print to fall back on. Plus, it’s awfully hard to copyright a penguin or a shark.

But this costume fiasco does indeed make Sony look bad. Someone in their PR department should come forward and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their new costumes pre-existed before the contest. Until then, their integrity and goodwill towards fans will be questioned and scorned by many.

Feel free to sound off with your opinion in the comments below.

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The Vader You Don’t See

You know, Star Wars only shows the Dark side of Darth Vader. But I was curious about Vader’s mundane everyday moments, so I hired a spy to find out what he’s really like when he’s not hanging out at the Death Star. Hold on to your helmet…this may surprise you.

Vader takes a swim


Vader rides to work


Vader runs a marathon



Vader does the Christmas shopping



Vader works at the supermarket

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Amazing Video Game Costumes

Video Game Costumes is highlighting 31 Amazing Video Game Costumes and wow, they are fantastic! Very realistic renditions of characters from The Legend of Zelda, Streetfighter, Halo, Soul Calibur and more.

The levels of detail, creativity, passion of these gamers are really quite touching. These costumes are the best of the best. Head on over to to view them all.

Video Game CostumesVideo Game CostumesVideo Game Costumes

Video Game CostumesVideo Game CostumesVideo Game Costumes

Video Game CostumesVideo Game CostumesVideo Game Costumes

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Impatient Wait for Twilight


Moms, teens and tweens (and me, of course) are biting their nails in anticipation of the Twilight film release on Friday, November 21st.

In a recent survey, Twilight was voted by Fandango moviegoers as the most anticipated film of the season.

As of 12:00 noon on October 31st, the film accounted for 51% of all daily ticket sales on Fandango, the nation’s leading moviegoer destination.

Twilight show times are expected to sell out quickly, based on a current Fandango survey of more than 5,000 moviegoers:

— 92% of respondents say they’ll see “Twilight” on opening weekend.
— 85% say they plan to see the film more than once.
— 56% are planning to see the movie with a group of friends.
— 97% have read the novel by Stephenie Meyer.
— 86% would be interested in visiting the locations where the movie
was filmed.
— 95% of the respondents to the survey are female.
— 42% of respondents are 25 or older; 58% are younger than 25.

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg indicated that she had to condense certain aspects of the popular story, while combining supporting characters and expanding upon story features not thoroughly described in the book. But hopefully, Rosenberg’s modifications will not detract from the integrity of Edward and Bella’s story.


Summit Entertainment has announced that they’ve acquired the rights to the sequels and has already hired Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg to script New Moon (Book 2) and Eclipse (Book 3). As of yet, no screenwriter has been secured for Breaking Dawn (Book 4).

For those of you who can’t get enough of the Twilight trailer, watch it here:

And if you can’t get enough of vampires, check out the
website for a list of other unconventional vampire tales.

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Blizzcon 2008 Costumes

Blizzcon 2008 Costumes

Check out the incredible costumes from last month’s Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA. Talk about putting the WOW in World of Warcraft (thanks, I’ll be here all week).

Blizzcon is a celebration of the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo, and the gamers who love them. For two days, blissful gamers participated in informative developer panels, live tournaments, hands-on gaming and best of all — a mind blowing Costume Contest!

These costumes are so great, even Yahoo! got in on the action and featured them on their home page.

I’ve never been to Blizzcon, but it looks like a TON of fun. To learn more, head on over to, and be sure to check out their extensive Photo Galleries!

Blizzcon 2008 Costumes

Blizzcon 2008 CostumesBlizzcon 2008 Costumes

Blizzcon 2008 CostumesBlizzcon 2008 Costumes

Blizzcon 2008 CostumesBlizzcon 2008 Costumes


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Turning Superhero

The fascination with superheroes is crossing comic book boundaries and leaping into fashion, music and pop culture.

Even music and retail icons like Christina Aguilera and Target know the value of channeling superhero popularity in their advertising.

In this Target commercial (that promotes the release of Christina Aguilera’s new best-of album, sold exclusively at Target), Aguilera borrows from the action-hero theme of her music video Keeps Getting Better dressed in various superhero outfits, with an animated comic-book style background.

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Who’s Watching the Watchmen?

Watchmen Movie

The upcoming Watchmen movie is generating lots of buzz, largely due to the theatrical trailer now showing before the new James Bond movie.

Here’s the new trailer. Wow, this movie looks intense!

“Maybe someone’s picking off costumed heroes…” Uh oh, that can’t end well.

Alan Moore’s Watchmen is arguably THE best, most celebrated graphic novel ever made. The story is dark, gritty and incredibily compelling.

I think the costumes look just awesome. There’s definitely a retro feel to them. The film is set in an alternate 1985, and follows a group of former vigilantes as war begins to break out between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Here are a few more publicity stills, enjoy! For more information, visit the official movie website.

Watchmen MovieWatchmen MovieWatchmen Movie

Watchmen MovieWatchmen MovieWatchmen Movie

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