Super Modified Iron Man Costume

This is really amazing. A very creative and talented father modified an Iron Man costume for his 5-year-old son. He added a computer chip, magnetic lights and a CO2 air pump “missile launcher.”

Here’s a list of the features included in the costume:

• Repulsor Air – Blows air with CO2 air pump on hip and hose back to his hand.

• Repulsor Missile – Using CO2 air pump can also launch a paper missile.

• Repulsor Sensor/Light – A magnetic switch sensor for lighting the repulsor hand light. It fades in and out of the glowing eyes. Arduino handles this effect.

• Repulsor Sound Effect(s) – Originally not working. Worked around problem by using right-mouse, middle-mouse button and configured Elightenment17 to playback sound effects using Mplayer script. Mouse buttons activated by Arduino Digital output triggered by sensors.

• Arc Reactor – A LED night light from Costco embedded in the chest.

• BeagleBoard: Powerful Computer – With BeagleBoard already running in JARVUS box .

• Arduino: Super Input/Output Board – Handles repulsor effects but can add other sensors to enable even cooler special effects!!

What a great dad, and what a lucky kid!

[via Gizmodo]

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