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Trick or Treat

Video Blogger Brigitte Dale has some helpful advice regarding social situations at a costume party. She also shows off her costume, which is incredibly simple but somehow she makes it work. Her video blogs are fun, enjoy!

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Funny Halloween Costume Stories


Most Halloween stories are usually scary‚Ķand fictional. How about some amusing true Halloween stories for a change? These real accounts were sent in to Reader’s Digest. LOL!

Playing With Fire

Firefighters are required to wear their full bunker gear on all safety calls, even to advise homeowners of a county ordinance against burning leaves after dark. One Halloween, two fire workers waited on the porch of one such offending household, helmets in hand, until a woman finally opened the door. Promptly dropping a candy bar into each helmet, she remarked, “You boys are a little old for this sort of thing, aren’t you?” and closed the door.

Picture This

For Halloween, one child wanted to be the The Incredible Hulk. Using food coloring and a washcloth, his hands, face, neck and blond hair were dyed the same green shade of the TV monster. After his bath the next morning, a faint green tint still remained. As he was heading out the door for school, the child handed his mother a note he’d forgotten to give her the day before. The mother quickly opened the note to find, with dismay, that school pictures were going to be taken that day.

Right place, Wrong time

On Halloween night a driver called a road-service dispatch office complaining that he was locked out of his car. The dispatcher forwarded the information to a locksmith, along with one more detail: The car was parked at a nudist colony. Of course, the locksmith arrived in record time. But when he called the dispatch service later to report, he wasn’t amused. “Figures,” he said. “I finally get to go to a nudist colony, and they’re having a costume party!”

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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?


Eerie Eats

There’s no sense having a Halloween party if you’re not planning on creeping people out with horror films, monster mashes and eerie appetizers.

You can have your very own Fear Factor Food Fest with these yucky and yummy snacks:

Edible Arachnids


Eerie Eyeballs


Bleeding Heart


Decaying corpse flesh with entrails


Head on over to for the recipies to enjoy eerie eats this Halloween.

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Pun Costumes

Need some last minute Halloween costume ideas? How about a Pun Costume?

ThatCostumeGirl has a fun list of pun costumes that are easy and affordable to make.

To name a few: Pink I, Black Eyed Peas, Dust Bunny, Cereal Killer, Bird Flu and Static Cling. Ha! Those are great.

Check ’em out at!

Pun CostumesPun Costumes

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Star Wars Cantina Song

If you’re a Star Wars fan AND a Barry Manilow Copacabana fan, then this video is too good to be true.

Not necessarily costume related, but we’ve blogged about Star Wars often enough and this is just weirdly awesome.

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Zombie Thriller Dance

Did everyone have a good World Zombie Day?

Looks like the folks in Seattle sure did.

Awesome job, everyone!


A Very Hulu Halloween

I love watching all the free TV shows and clips on I can spend hours on that site watching both old and new shows, and best of all, it’s 100% legal – Yay!

Today I browsed Hulu looking for Halloween related video clips. I found some great stuff by Howcast, perfect for this time of year.

This is a great instructional clip on how to get the most Halloween candy. Very funny and insightful!


Is your house haunted by a ghost? Here’s a handy tutorial to help you get rid of your unwanted guest.


Don’t get caught unprepared by a vampire. These helpful tips will keep you and your loved ones from being bitten.


Speaking of vampires, why not treat yourself to a full episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? In this Halloween episode, people magically turn into whatever costume they are wearing. It’s frightfully hilarious.


Hulu has full episodes of Angel, too. Everyone loves this vampire with a soul. Here’s the pilot episode of the Buffy spin-off.


Ah, wonderful stuff. If you have the time, Hulu is a great place to discover old and new TV shows for free, plus loads of clips featuring the best of the web. Unfortunately, I don’t think works for folks outside of the U.S. Hope that changes soon.

If you know of any great Halloween-related clips, please share with us in the comments below.

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