Need an Excuse?

If you’re like me, you’ll look for any opportunity to dress up in costumes. Well, now’s the time to do it! Don’t wait until Halloween! The holiday used to be a one day event, but celebrations of the dark and scary have been steadily extending over the years. Some places start their Halloween celebrations as early as the first week of September! The fact is that if it’s connected to Halloween at all, it’s an excuse to wear a costume—so go out there and party!

Finding local haunted houses, corn mazes, haunted forest events is a good way to start. If you dig around, you’ll find that a lot of companies will be hosting their own Halloween events, like hotels offering “ghoulish getaways,” or theme parks and other recreational places having haunted nights. Then of course there are huge tourist attractions, like the Haunted Happenings festivities which go on for a month in Salem, Massachusetts, every year.

But why should you be satisfied with what everyone else has to offer? Here are some ideas you can do yourself!

1. Get a few of your friends together and create your own haunted something—haunted house, party, scavenger hunt, whatever—then invite a lot of your other friends over to this party, without letting them in on it. Stage supernatural events and see if you can freak your friends out—or at least get them to appreciate your awesome ghost costume.

2. Grab your friends, a video camera, and a bunch of costumes, head out to a secluded area, and film your own impromptu horror film. Even if the film doesn’t turn out that great, you’ll still have fun doing it.

3. Don’t have just one party on Halloween night—have several, leading up to it. You can choose a grisly theme and have it slowly build up until your last party is a horror extravaganza to celebrate Halloween right. If you disguise the parties as something else, and pretend they’re not Halloween parties, people won’t think you’re weird and obsessive—but by the time your last party comes around, they’ll realize how much fun it was!

4. Four words: Murder Mystery Party Games. The awesome part of this one is that it doesn’t have to be connected to Halloween at all. You can play them at any time of year—but Halloween is an excuse to play them even more.

Those are all the ideas I have for now. The important thing is to take full advantage of this season. Wearing costumes is built into the holiday, so not only should you dress up as often as you can, but you should be looking for any reason to do so.

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