The Fly, The Costumes

The Fly. It’s a horror film classic, whether you prefer the 1958 original or the 1986 remake. It’s a great story about a scientist whose experiments go wrong, combining him with a fly into one horrible monster. “That’s old stuff,” some might scoff, preferring new horror about girls coming out of TV screens and ghosts with grudges. But this old story has been given new life as an opera, which premiered in the US earlier this month in Los Angeles. It’s an interesting blend of old and new, cult film and high opera.

Unfortunately, it’s received less-than-awesome reviews concerning the singing and score, but they had nothing bad to say about the set design, and of course, the costumes. I’m intrigued by what I’ve seen online. Transforming a man into a fly-monster onstage certainly can’t be an easy task, and his costumes reportedly become increasingly gross and horrific throughout the second act. Here are some images I was able to dredge up online:

the-fly.jpg theflyopera.jpg fly4.jpg

Wow! Nasty! I feel sick just looking at them! I would have to call it a costuming masterpiece. The costumes may not be pretty, but are they ever amazing.

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