Dragon*Con 2008 Report: Friday!

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After Thursday’s excursions into the realms of drunken surreality, we all realized that we had to pace ourselves. Friday held the first of the celebrity panels we were going to, the first real day of costume wear, and the Buffy and Dr. Horrible sing-a-longs.

Before the day could start, however, ThatCostumeGirl, queen of the procrastinators had to finish my Dr. Horrible costume, which required some hemming. I was running around like a kid on Christmas morning: “C’mon! Get up! We gotta go!” And she, gamely, rose to the occasion. She got up and finished the costume before putting on her Dr. Horrible groupie costume. Our pal Lissa was dressed this way as well, and I was the only Dr. Horrible with his own fanclub!

Dr. Horrible and Groupies

The elation about this faded fast when I ran into the first other Dr. Horrible of the day, and his costume was ten times better than mine.Dr. Horribles

Didn’t bother me much when I found out later that night that he was actually in the Whedontrack’s Sing-a-long as Dr. Horrible. So, I don’t feel so bad about mine, and besides, I hadn’t had anything to drink yet.

The lines in Dragon Con are legendary, and to get into a 2 o’clock show, we began waiting in line around 10am. We found our friends, holding our places like the good friends they are, at least, they were holding the place, until the entire line had to be moved elsewhere. Dragon Con has yet to understand the sheer size of the crowd the Firefly celebrities draw, but it is substantial.

The very first things I noticed in this line were two costumes. One, a young lady (I have to say that I use this term loosely…but I did appreciate the costume) in a Gizmonics Institute jumpsuit that was open damn near down to her knees. Not only did I appreciate it, everyone who passed her enjoyed it, as she was wearing very little underneath. Now, this kind of thing happens rampantly at this con, but it was a shock to see it first thing Friday morning.

Cylon 6 and Dr. Horrible The second was the young woman in the beautiful Cylon Six red dress. She was having a hard time staying in her dress, as it doesn’t lend itself very well to standing, or sitting in line. I noticed that if she didn’t keep the dress in check, it was going to get the better of her, and all the males in the line were with me in hoping that gravity or her dress would come out on the winning side.

After the line moved, ThatCostumeGirl took the opportunity to look around and take pictures of the more interesting costumes. She came back to find me getting my picture taken with the Six. What can I say, I’ve always been interested in robotics.

When it was my turn to look around, I ran into what was possibly the coolest group of costumes I’ve ever seen. Jack Burton and Gracie Law from Big Trouble in Little China, but, scattered around them, there were dozens of people dressed in the red and yellow costumes of the Chang Sings and Wing Kong, the rival gangs that duke it out in the Chinese Standoff at the beginning of the movie.

I was impressed to say the least, but, man, those guys were near impossible to herd together, which is probably why you won’t see a picture of them here.Speed Racer

Also of note, there was a little guy dressed in one of the coolest Speed Racer costumes I’ve seen! He also asked to get his picture taken with me, and who is Dr. Horrible to say no to a photo op?

I can remark on there being a lot more Dr. Who costumes this year, and, one of my favorite things in the con happened while I waited near the beginning of the line. The guy who promised me an “Evil League of Evil” ribbon for my badge came through, knowing he was going to be at the back of a miles long line, and he STILL gave me the ribbon. That’s class, man…that’s class.

Less classy was the line for the Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long. The panel went off without a hitch, and was very entertaining, but what do you expect from Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk? After that we went our separate ways, and I, knowing I was going to be singing later, went up to the room to start getting my courage on…rather, to begin drinking. After an elevator ride with a woman wearing my favorite comic costume from the con, a flawless Lilandra costume from X-Men, the drink was on!

The good thing about staying in the same hotel as the sing-a-long was that I could head back up and replenish whenever I needed to. The bad thing about the hotel is that this was where it appeared most of the Clemson v. Alabama fans had decided to stay. These poor people were wandering and mixing among people dressed…well, like me, while they were wearing their football jerseys. As I have stated previously, the surreality knows no bounds.

When we got into the show, it became readily apparent that we weren’t the only ones that had imbibed in social lubricant in order to get ready to sing this evening. Frankly, I don’t see the point in getting so drunk that you can’t stand, let alone sing at a sing-a-long. Cast members were scattered in the first few rows, and we would find out why during the show. The show was wonderful, with the exception of the man behind me stating very loudly and exuberantly that he wanted the Dr. Horrible on stage to …well, make love to him, after a fashion, I guess you could say.

Capt. Hammer and Dr. Horrible

It was after this show that I ran into the scariest Captain Hammer of the show. We were allowed to keep out seats for the next show, the Once More With Feeling sing-a-long, and happily did so. As we got up to go to the bathroom, however, I was grabbed around the neck by a flamboyantly gay Captain Hammer, who proceeded, after choking me, to hump my leg vigorously.

While ThatCostumeGirl and Lissa snapped pictures, I was being violated by this young man who was obviously very into his character, and very drunk. It’s hard to yell for help when you’re being choked and drunk yourself, but I’m not certain a cry of “I NEED AN ADULT!!!” would have gotten the attention that I needed.

Buffy Sing-Along

The Buffy show was even better than it had been previous years, with Buffy alum Ken Feinberg (the Chaos Demon from Fool for Love) playing the part of the Mustard Man. Also, instead of Spike throwing a wine bottle into the crowd, causing pain and mass hysteria (and possibly alcohol poisoning), she threw, instead, a huge plush bunny. It nailed me right in the face, and I couldn’t have been happier about it!

After the show, we decided to A) drink more, and B) roam around looking for more cool costumes! Frankly, the rest of the evening is a quick blur to me, but if you look at ThatCostumeGirl’s pictures, under her favorites from the convention, you’ll see her favorite pose was a Batman/Superman picture. I took that picture, with the huge telephoto lens on my camera, from 40 feet away, as I was trying to keep from falling on the pavement. I failed, but the picture rocked!

Batman and Superman

Saturday would see a huge costume failure on my part, a weather failing, an unasked question, and a shindig! See you soon!

[Photos by Lissa, MalsWay, ManWithPez, and ThatCostumeGirl]

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2 Responses to Dragon*Con 2008 Report: Friday!

  1. Karel says:

    Six is in need of William Ware Theiss’ double-stick tape trick.

    On second thought… oww.

    On third thought… naw.

  2. TMorris says:

    Wow! A Browncoat friend of mine just now sent me this link. That’s my little Speed Racer. I guess you inspired him because the very next year (2009) he dressed up as red Dr. Horrible. The pic is here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5426785&id=668557096&ref=fbx_album

    We’re part of the Charlotte Browncoats — just down the road from you guys — and I recognized you in ’08. Really impressive that you were able to pull together a Dr. Horrible costume so soon after the release. It took us a whole ‘nother year to get it together. LOL

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