Dr. Horrible’s Lab Coat has been Found!
September 10, 2008 announcements

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Dr. Horrible’s lab coat has been found!

It seems everyone has been searching high and low for the perfect Dr. Horrible Costume. The hardest thing for people to find has been a replica of Dr. Horrible’s Lab Coat. There are all kinds of lab coats available, but nothing that looks exactly right.

Fortunately, Irongate Gallery has produced an exact replica, available for sale on their website. For around $100, you can order a custom lab coat that includes the goggles and the caduceus (logo) sewn into the front pocket. Check it out!

Irongate Gallery is a costume shop that specializes in hand-tailored reproductions and original costumes for all occasions. Very cool!

I’ve edited our original post on “How to Make a Dr. Horrible Costume” as well. That post gets a ton of hits as the world searches for the perfect Dr. Horrible costume.

It’s so great to finally be able to get an authentic Dr. Horrible lab coat. Thanks, Irongate Gallery!

Edit 11/05/08: Shadow Dale Creations now also offers an authentic Dr. Horrible lab coat for $200. Available in white or red.

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  1. Hi, I just looked at their site and they don’t even have a phone number listed anywhere on their site to contact them at. They have an email, but email addresses can work or not work. Also, I can’t find them on Yellowpages.com or Whitepages.com. Some of the links on their site don’t work and there are many grammar errors. I was wondering how reputable this company is? I would hate to pay over $100 on a costume and never receive it. Do you know how well communication goes with this company? Any information would be appreciated.

  2. Those are valid concerns, JustWondering. I just pretended to buy a Joker costume and the next page with the Google Checkout had this contact info:
    Irongate Gallery, 864 344-0497, 222 West Cambridge Ave. #1, Greenwood, SC 29646 US

    Unfortunately, it looks like their Dr. Horrible costume is sold out due to the Halloween rush. Anyway, hope that helps.

  3. Okay, thanks for that additional information. 🙂

    I also emailed them to ask if they still made some of the costumes that don’t have working links. They were prompt to reply. They said those links are actually placeholders because they haven’t officially started working on those particular costumes yet. They probably won’t start work on some of that until after Halloween because they are busy right now with trying to get orders shipped before the holiday.

    Just thought I’d add that as well in case anyone else is wondering about the links that don’t work yet.

  4. There is a website out of Canada that makes Howie coats and will ship them to the USA with no shipping cost: http://uniformsbyrayhiggins.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=131&category=12
    It isn’t exact, but it is pretty darn close.

  5. I noticed that the Irongate version only has an iron on transfer for the caduseus (and the wrong buttons). I just finished a prototype of the pocket embroidery for my own version. Check it out…


  6. Wow, SDC, that looks perfect!

  7. Copies of the doctor’s Lab Coat are now available from http://www.shadowdalecreations.com/gothichorror.htm

    Enjoy, everyone!

  8. Cool, I will add your link to the post. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I ordered the lab coat from Irongate Gallery, and I hate to say it but … I may have been swindled. I ordered the coat on 9/25, the money was deducted from my account, and I haven’t heard from them since. I have sent two emails and have tried to contact them by phone … no response to the emails and no answer on the phone. The website indicates that it takes 10 days to create the costume, and then it’s shipped … it’s 10/18 now, so we’re well beyond the 10-day window.

    If the costume does come in, I’ll come back to this site to update you all. And if that’s the case, then we’ve clearly just got a case of a company who delivers (eventually) but has very poor customer service. However, right now I’m not even convinced that they exist.

  10. I just posted the above comment, and I heard from Irongate Gallery just a little while ago:

    “Your order has been in processing. I’m sorry you have not been able to get in contact with us, at this point we are getting several hundred e-mails a day, along with more calls as our poor voice mail system can hold.

    “I’m receiving your order from our tailoring department on Monday and expect to have it shipped right away. We are also upgrading the order to priority shipping to help out shipping time.”

    So it sounds like they are in fact legit, if not incredibly busy and WAY understaffed. it sounds like they have way more business than they can handle. I’ll let you all know when the costume arrives and what it’s like.

  11. Well, it’s 10/23, and I wish I had better news but … no delivery yet.

    I’m missing a event tonight and likely another tomorrow night (unless it magically arrives on my porch tomorrow afternoon) because The Irongate Gallery has failed to deliver so far. I left another inquiry for them two days ago and again today … no response. Still not pick up on the phone lines either.

    Sorry gang … while their price is far better than Shadowdale Creations, if they can’t deliver then what does it matter? They have one more chance to deliver before next weekend and I miss all Halloween events. I hope I have better news in a few days.

  12. It looks like The Irongate Gallery might be a scam! I ordered The red Dr Horrible red jacket and goggles on Sept 18th and didn’t hear anything other than an automated reply email…. On 10/5 I sent an email to inquire about the order and received the response

    “I’m sorry for your wait – we’re a little behind with our custom Items, but we do expect to ship all current orders for Halloween delivery. If you need it for a specific date, let me know and I will move some things around.”

    i replied that I needed it by 10/26 as I am leaving town for Halloween and hoped all would be well….

    It’s 10/27 and NO COSTUME!

    Well I emailed to them on 10/23 and 10/26 have got no answer, on the same days I tried to call them but no answer and no answering machine!!!

    The last email requested a refund if the could not deliver by 10/27 (that’s today)…and guess what…. I don’t expect an answer.

    Looks like it time to scramble for another costume! and the attempt to get my $189.00 is on!

    Needless to say I can’t recommend The Irongate Gallery! and strongly guide others elsewhere.

  13. I ordered a white coat from Irongate on Sept 30th, I checked on my order about middle of October and they said that it was in production and would be shipped shortly, it was shipped on the 24th and I received it on the 26th, fantastic work by them

  14. We’re not affiliated with IronGate, but I’m positive they are a good business and not a scam. I’m sure they’re just utterly overwhelmed with thousands of orders and emails.

  15. I had the same experience. I ordered mine on the 25th of September as well. It FINALLY came on October 29th, the morning of my company’s Halloween party. I had to bring a backup costume to work with me just in case. Very frustrationg, considering I had already ordered the boots, gloves, etc and painted the goggles.

    The lab coat itself….well, it’s fine, I suppose. Maybe not what I expected for $129. It’s made of thin, tshirt-like material, and the cadeuceus is some sort of sticker or iron-on, not embroidered. The buttons along the shoulder are smaller than they should be. It just feels like they opted for the cheapest materials possible. Like I said, it will suffice and I’m glad I FINALLY have it, but I feel like if there are people who are willing to pay top dollar for a quality Dr Horrible lab coat, there should be a company that makes one.

  16. Well today is the day Irongate says the item will be delivered. I was lucky enough to stumble across the company owners cellphone number, so I was able to talk to a real person…he was shocked to say the least. From what I was able to gather he is understaffed and got way over his head. About two weeks ago he updated his site. It now shows items ordered during Sept. and Oct will take londer than the 10 day turn around. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my item does show up. If the coat shows up I will reveiw the item and post my thoughts.

  17. Just got home and the package was on the doorstep. I tried it on and it fits perfectly. The cloth is thin but it looks pretty good. Even with the long delays and lack of communication, I would do it again. The cadeuceus does look like an iron on, but it does the job. I’m not going to mark them down for that. So the lesson for the people who want to go as Dr Horrible buy the coat EARLY! I learned my lesson…

  18. on the lab coat I received from them, the caduceus was not an iron on but embroidered onto the pocket, the material is thin but its still quality material and that was stated on the website

  19. Update…. My Dr Horrible lab coat and goggles that I ordered on Sept 18 never showed up! It;s now November 2nd and I had to do the mad scramble for a costume on the day before Halloween. no further word from Irongate gallery. I have sent an email demanding a refund….

  20. Update on my costume. After washing the coat 3 buttons, the velcro closers, and half of the iron on came off. I washed the coat on the delicate cycle using cold water. Before I wear it again, I’m getting my friend to add button holes, reinforce the existing buttons, and stitch the caduceus on.

  21. Final update on my order to The Irongate gallery: After not receiving my Dr Horrible lab coat by Halloween I called them the next week and they finally answered the phone! They did issue a prompt refund (I had the money back the next day). So, although I will not likely place any future orders with them I was happy to get my money back without any further problems.

  22. I just found this!! You can get this Dr. Horrible Lab Coat from bellyacres96 on E-Bay in White or Red!!!

  23. Hi all,

    I don’t mean to perform threadomancy, but this comment thread is an excellent resource for Dr. Horrible costumes. I thought I should add my experiences with the costumers/companies discussed earlier. I ordered a Dr. Horrible lab coat from bellyacres96 on ebay last month, I asked for twill in off-white instead of cotton and they were quick to reply. Bellyacres96 creates the coats with your custom measurements, and it was created one day after I provided measurements and payment, and shipped the next day. SUPER awesome buying experience.

    For my costume I ordered the Dr. Horrible goggles from Irongate Gallery. I ordered them on July 10th. It’s now August 2nd and I’ve received no shipping notice. I emailed them exactly one week ago and got no response. I tried calling them twice today, using the number listed on my order and on their website… no answer, and their voice mail isn’t even set up. I have resorted to tweeting at them (@irongategallery), but if they don’t respond within a couple days I’m going to initiate a PayPal dispute. Waiting 1 month for a pair of goggles – something they should have in stock or be able to restock within a couple weeks – is ridiculous, and their customer service does not have me impressed in the least.

  24. Just wanted to throw this out there: I made mine. The pattern was from here:


    And the fabric was from fabricland. I spent the $25 on the pattern, and about 30-35$ on fabric, thread and a seam ripper (also all from fabricland).

    That’s like 50-55 dollars. Half of the other ones price, AND it’s tailor-made for me (I’m short, being a girl and all) AND I knew how long it would be before I could wear it.

    By the way, it took me about a month to sew this, mainly because I’ve been busy, but also because sewing pisses me off after a while. I’ll post pics of it soon. And good luck.

    P.S- who else is planning to go to the premier in costume?

  25. Yeah, I bought two costumes from Irongate for Dragon Con, and I basically had $300 stolen from me. I bought the lab coat for my boyfriend, and the vault dweller jumpsuit for myself. They ignored any contact attempt and ignored the BBB when I tried to get them involved.

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