Bigfoot Discovery is Really Just a Costume

Bigfoot Hoax

There’s been a lot of fuss in the news lately about the Bigfoot corpse found by hunters.Bigfoot Hoax Turns out it was just a costume.

There was a big press conference held in Palo Alto, CA.

Tom Biscardi, owner of owner paid an estimated $50,000 to Georgia residents Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer for their frozen “corpse” and the rights to the news story.

Meanwhile, many websites, such as did their own detective work and compared the corpse photo to a popular Bigfoot costume.

Bigfoot Hoax

They noticed the face and nose were exactly the same as the costume. It wasn’t until many days later that the Bigfoot corpse was officially declared a hoax.

Why did they do it? The hoaxsters simply wanted “to give the psychos something to do over the weekend.”

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  1. movie buff says:

    it was all in good fun, though, right?

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