Twilight Zone

newtwilight-cover.jpgWhat is it about vampires that captivate the imagination? Is it the concept of immortality or maybe the thought of being loved by a broodingly handsome lord of the night?

Whatever the fascination, Stephenie Meyer seems to have tapped into it in her Twilight book series which has turned into somewhat of a cultural phenomenon. Twilight fan sites have shot up all over the internet and the books have sold more than 7.5 million copies.

The Twilight series follows the relationship of average teenager Bella Swan and the vampire who loves her, Edward Cullen. While the seemingly improbable relationship is the stuff of young girls’ fantasies, the book manages to capture the real-life angst and passion of the teenage years. But surprisingly, it’s not just teenagers that are reading it. Take it from me, a forty-something fan living in the “Twilight Zone.”



While Twilight’s vampires don’t wear costumes, fans of the book series do. In fact, hordes of them turned up in costume for the national book release parties, Friday night (August 1) to welcome the fourth installment in the series, Breaking Dawn. Barnes and Noble stores hosted “proms” while Borders book stores hosted “A Night with a Bite.” Borders reported selling over 250,000 copies in the first 24 hours following the book’s release.

It’s sad to see the series end, but I’m looking forward to some closure (I’m on page 79 of Breaking Dawn right now). I’m also looking forward to the to the movie version of Twilight, to be released in December. I think I’ve watched the trailer about twenty or thirty times already. Looks like a piece of entertainment you can really sink your teeth into!

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  1. My 12 year old daughter introduced me to the Twilight series and convinced me to read them. She regretted her decision when I became completely Twilight obsessed and neglected everything while I read the first three books the week before Breaking Dawn was released. We attended the Breaking Dawn party at Barnes and Noble and it was a fun filled night which led to a sleepless weekend of more obsessive behavior. We are already planning ahead for Halloween and have lots of great ideas for our Twilight vampire costumes!

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