Horrible Service – Costumers Told to “Go Away”

I really wasn’t planning on yet another blog about Dr. Horrible, but the lastest development in the Dr. Horrible costume world is too good of a story to pass up.

With the release of Dr. Horrible on the Internet, fans immediately began looking for ways to make a Dr. Horrible Costume. A key ingredient? The Goggles. It turns out they are standard welding goggles available at many safety supply companies.

Dr. Horrible GogglesA company called PendergastSafety.com advertised a pair of silver welding goggles that looked EXACTLY like the kind worn by Dr. Horrible.

So hundreds, perhaps thousands, of fans descended upon PendergastSafety and ordered these goggles. But instead of taking advantage of the surge in business, Pendergast told them angrily, “We’re a safety supply company, not a costume company. One girl literally received an email that said, “Just go away. Thank you.”


Green GogglesTo make matters worse, Pendergast had the wrong photo on their website (this has now been corrected). The goggles are actually green, not silver.

Naturally, the many fans who did manage to receive these goggles were very disappointed in the misrepresentation of the product. Costumers are picky: If Dr. Horrible wears silver goggles, then green ones just won’t do.

When the customers demanded their money back, Pendergast told them to get lost, saying, “The picture is not the description. The fact that is does not match your costume is not our responsibility.”

A virtual war erupted on the Internet. Many keyboards were damaged in the furious typing that ensued.

And the really weird thing? Pendergast had previously posted on the official Dr. Horrible fan site, inviting them to purchase these goggles. It makes no sense to me that they would change their mind.

“We did not want these small orders and were shipping them because many of you have called and begged for them. Again please spread the word that we are not interested in selling these as a costume.”

This is blatent costumism. I thought our country had moved passed this kind of discrimination.

I guess Pendergast normally sells in bulk and just couldn’t handle all the individual orders. But is that any justification for being rude to their customers?

Wow, talk about Horrible service.

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2 Responses to Horrible Service – Costumers Told to “Go Away”

  1. I did not purchase mine from Pendergast, but I expect they’ll be green anyhow. The manufacturer changed the model without updating its pictures sent to suppliers. Lots of folks at fault on this one not just Pendy. Not to worry though, I have silver and gold paint aplenty to modify my gaggle of goggles when they arrive.

    Talk to you later, Manny.

  2. manny says:

    It appears they’re giving full refunds. That’s good, at least.

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