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How to make a Dr. Horrible Costume

Dr. Horrible

We’ve been blogging quite a bit about Dr. Horrible, the supervillain musical that’s taken the Internet by storm.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at making a Dr. Horrible costume.

Lab Coat

Dr. Horrible Dr. Horrible wears a white lab coat. You can find a basic lab coat at any costume shop, but if you want to be picky you’ll need a coat that buttons on the side, not down in front. Look for the “Howie” style coat.

Here are some places that sell this type of lab coat:

EDIT 9/28/09: Irongate Gallery is selling a custom lab coat that is perfect for around $100. Includes the caduceus sewn in. They also have gloves and silver goggles. CLICK HERE

Edit 11/05/08: Shadow Dale Creations now also offers an authentic Dr. Horrible lab coat for $200. Available in white or red. CLICK HERE

A couple other places to try:

Edit 9/28/10:

Helpful commenter Shelley pointed out this seller on Ebay. 96bellyacres is selling custom Dr. Horrible lab coats for approx. $80.00.

Ships from the USA.

Dr. Horrible

Logo on Pocket

The Dr. Horrible logo is a caduceus, which is a winged herald’s staff entwined by two serpents in the form of a double helix.

The serpents are green and the staff is red.


Dr. Horrible GogglesUPDATE (10-21-09) – Be sure to check out our latest post that shows the goggles in high detail.
The evil doctor wears a pair of silver welding goggles. The best pair I’ve seen is available from Irongate Gallery.

Similar goggles may be available at the following stores, but you might want to paint them silver:


White Gloves

Dr. Horrible CostumeDr. Horrible wears a pair of white work gloves. Some people have found that fencing gloves work, too. You can try these stores:


White Boots

Dr. Horrible CostumeComplete your outfit with a pair of white boots, and you’re all set. They can be found at the following stores:



This recent Comic-Con attendee came pretty close:

Dr. Horrible Costume


I hope we see a bunch of Dr. Horrible costumes this Halloween. Be sure to practice your evil laugh!

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible yet, head on over to drhorrible.com or purchase the show directly from iTunes.

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