Making a Sith Costume

This is a fun video made by costume guru Shada. She’s working on a Sith costume and is documenting her progress with a video camera!

Here’s Part One of her costume journey:

Great work! Very fun to watch.

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3 Responses to Making a Sith Costume

  1. Deb mirek says:

    Shada: I would suggest cutting another front piece and a very thin layer of batting to match. Make a sandwich of the two fronts, with the batting in the middle. Sew your “quilting” lines across the front. THEN put the front together with the sleeves. That should give you the channel quilted look you need with out too much bulk. Alternately, you could use as layer of fleece instead of batting.—Deb

  2. matthew says:

    Great suggestions, Deb! Very helpful.

  3. DARTH ZEDD says:

    very cool i’m going to make a shortcut so i can watch your progess.

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