Duct Tape Firefly Costumes

Duct Tape Browncoats

Here are some amazing costumes made from duct tape! And yes, we’ve blogged about duct tape costumes before.

These particular costumes are modeled after the characters Mal and Kaylee from the TV show Firefly. In one of the episodes, Mal and Kaylee go to a fancy shindig all dressed up. It’s remarkable that a costume made from duct tape could look so similar.

Firefly Shindig

The costumes’ creator posts about his efforts on Fireflyfans.net.

I decided to enter the “Stuck at Prom” contest sponsored by the company that makes Duck Tape. In this contest, high school students from all over the country create prom outfits using duct tape. Ten finalists are selected from all of the entries, and online voting determines the winner. To demonstrate my devotion to Firefly, I created my duct tape ensemble inspired by Mal’s tux and Kaylee’s dress from Shindig. These outfits made it into the top ten.

I used over 20 rolls of duct tape, and had to overcome laws of physics (all those ruffles are heavy!) as well as wear the outfit in Phoenix summer temperatures exceeding 107 degrees.

Wow, great job! I hope you win.

You can see all of the Top Ten finalists at stuckatprom.com.

UPDATE: Watch the video HERE.

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7 Responses to Duct Tape Firefly Costumes

  1. Isa says:

    XD Fantastic! Great job of the costumes, plus, that’s one of my favourite Firefly episodes. Good work.

  2. Kortnee says:

    That’s my favorite Firefly episode. Great costumes!!

  3. nikki says:

    you are my hero!

  4. rachael says:

    wow thats awesome!

  5. Pixocerous says:

    Oh my god that’s the best costume Ive ever seen in my life and the fact it’s made from duct tape is just sexcellent! Just seeing this has made my day!

  6. Melora says:

    Oh, wows. I love Firefly! and Duct Tape!
    This is one of the greatest fusions our world has seen!

  7. Hannah Jean says:

    How did you make the ruffles? We’re going for duct tape prom this year and are so perplexed!

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