Yip Yip Alien Costumes

Remember these guys from Sesame Street? Yip yip yip yip…

Well, thanks to Instructables.com, you can learn how to make your own Yip Yip alien costume! They offer a step by step guide using fleece, sponges and mesh. Looks great!

Yip Yip Alien Costumes

I used to love these funny aliens, who were always trying to understand common household objects like a telephone, radio or clock.
Yip Yip Aliens
They would pull out their little book to learn about Earth, it was always so funny!

Yipyipyip, brrring! … ah, good times. Definitely one of Sesame Street’s greatest creatures.

So head on over to Instructables.com to make your Yip Yip costume!

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2 Responses to Yip Yip Alien Costumes

  1. Camilla says:

    Oh man those were my favorite characters from Sesame Street!

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