Rita Riggs: Circus Performer, Hula Hoop Dancer, Costume Lover

Rita Riggs

Rita Riggs was recently profiled in The Ann Arbor News. At age 19, Rita is a professional circus performer, clown, hula hoop dancer, sword swallower, ballerina… and BIG costume lover. She also performs regularly with the Tickled Fancy Burlesque troupe in Ann Arbor.

Of the tricks you’ve performed, what’s your favorite? “There was this time when there was a guy lying on a bed of nails, and another bed of nails on top of him, and another guy laying on top of that. They put a board on top of them, and I stood on top of that board, and I hula hooped to Blondie. It was awesome.”

Do you collect anything? “Costumes. I’m, like, a huge costume collector. Every time I perform, I have to be in a new costume.”

What are your three favorite words? “Ball of energy.”

Ball of energy? I’d say. She’s extremely impressive and amazingly talented.

You can read the entire article HERE, and watch Rita perform in the video below:

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