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Wonder Woman is Beautiful

Wonder Woman — an American icon. She symbolizes strength, beauty, justice, patriotism… I could go on and on.

Through the years, many have worn a Wonder Woman costume. Admittedly, not everyone looks great dressed as Wonder Woman….

Funny Wonder Woman

Well now, thanks to Bam! Kapow!, the 50 hottest Wonder Woman look-alikes have been gathered for your viewing pleasure.

Wonder WomanWonder WomanWonder Woman

Wonder WomanWonder WomanWonder Woman

Great pics! You can view the entire Wonder Woman gallery HERE.


Making a Sith Costume

This is a fun video made by costume guru Shada. She’s working on a Sith costume and is documenting her progress with a video camera!

Here’s Part One of her costume journey:

Great work! Very fun to watch.


Super Strange Costume Ideas

Baby Suit

Looking for some really strange costume ideas? Check out this “Costume Art” created by Philip Toledano.

His goal is to illustrate the “external manifestation of the internal desires and paranoia that are adrift in America.”

Woah, that’s heavy stuff! And definitely some of the strangest costumes I’ve ever seen.

Hand Suit

Ear SuitEye Mask


Hmm, for some reason that last costume is making me hungry….

You can learn more about Mr. Toledano’s art by visiting:


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Dr. HorribleCaptain Hammer

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, is about to debut his newest creation: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It’s a musical web series that will appear online in just a few weeks.

Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, the story is about the evil Dr. Horrible and his nemesis, Captain Hammer.

It looks totally funny! Check out the teaser trailer:

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A Short Costume History Part 2

Having been deemed as the writer with the most costuming experience, I am here to share with you–

A Short History of My Own Costuming Experience.

Part Two: College

The next few years saw a little improvement in my costume-making skills. Of the sewing I did at this time, my creation efforts were mostly redirected to making normal clothing, and I only made three real costumes during my years of college. One was a cosplay of Victoria Everglot from Corpse Bride, one was a Queen of Spades costume, and the other was a new, more awesome pirate costume.


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The Evolution of Jousting

jousting-pic-1.jpgOriginally, jousting tournaments were held as military exercises between the various nobles. Such tournaments started peacefully but often turned into bloody battles between jealous champions.

At the end of the thirteenth century, jousting tournaments started evolving into organized spectacles, subject to chivalry and fair play and often fought with blunted weapons. The knight’s object became one of knocking opponents off their horses.

Modern day Renaissance Fairs, The Society for Creative Anachronism and the National Jousting Association have kept the sport of jousting alive.

But a new style of jousting is emerging, quickly gaining widespread popularity.

Nowhere is there another sport that encourages more pageantry, chivalry, and excitement than what you’re about to witness…

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Duct Tape Firefly Costumes

Duct Tape Browncoats

Here are some amazing costumes made from duct tape! And yes, we’ve blogged about duct tape costumes before.

These particular costumes are modeled after the characters Mal and Kaylee from the TV show Firefly. In one of the episodes, Mal and Kaylee go to a fancy shindig all dressed up. It’s remarkable that a costume made from duct tape could look so similar.

Firefly Shindig

The costumes’ creator posts about his efforts on

I decided to enter the “Stuck at Prom” contest sponsored by the company that makes Duck Tape. In this contest, high school students from all over the country create prom outfits using duct tape. Ten finalists are selected from all of the entries, and online voting determines the winner. To demonstrate my devotion to Firefly, I created my duct tape ensemble inspired by Mal’s tux and Kaylee’s dress from Shindig. These outfits made it into the top ten.

I used over 20 rolls of duct tape, and had to overcome laws of physics (all those ruffles are heavy!) as well as wear the outfit in Phoenix summer temperatures exceeding 107 degrees.

Wow, great job! I hope you win.

You can see all of the Top Ten finalists at

UPDATE: Watch the video HERE.


Yip Yip Alien Costumes

Remember these guys from Sesame Street? Yip yip yip yip…

Well, thanks to, you can learn how to make your own Yip Yip alien costume! They offer a step by step guide using fleece, sponges and mesh. Looks great!

Yip Yip Alien Costumes

I used to love these funny aliens, who were always trying to understand common household objects like a telephone, radio or clock.
Yip Yip Aliens
They would pull out their little book to learn about Earth, it was always so funny!

Yipyipyip, brrring! … ah, good times. Definitely one of Sesame Street’s greatest creatures.

So head on over to to make your Yip Yip costume!