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Veggie Costumes

Give Peas a Chance

Last Sunday, New York City hosted the Veggie Pride Parade. People came dressed as their favorite vegetables and protested the eating of meat.

The parade began in the meatpacking district and finished at Washington Square Park, where vegan jerky sticks were handed out and a costume contest was held.

Veggie Parade

The parade was created by Pamela Rice, author of “101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian.”

On the Official Website, she explains the goals of the parade:

1. To set a positive example by standing proud and standing up for the veg’n lifestyle.

2. To show our true love of animals, which must include farmed animals.

3. To celebrate our healthy diet.

4. To educate about the issues surrounding today’s cruel, unsustainable, and exploitative meat-, egg-, and dairy-production systems.

5. To encourage meat eaters—through advocacy and example—to join us in our compassionate way of living.

Veggie Pride ParadeVeggie Pride Parade

Hmm, those banana costumes sure look familiar

Personally, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but I do respect their cause. And where else would you find a bloody cow costume?

Bloody Cow Costume

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Is that a Weapon in your Pocket, or are you just a Male Stripper?

Male Stripper

A costume blog is always fun, and sometimes it’s just plain funny.

Stuart KennedyMeet Stuart Kennedy, a professional male stripper otherwise known as Sgt. Eros. He frequently performs in costume dressed as a police officer and sometimes a soldier.

Recently, Sgt. Eros danced his way into the courthouse, accused of illegally carrying weapons while on the job. He was arrested for carrying two batons and a spray without lawful authority.

However, Sheriff Kenneth Stewart said: “There is no evidence at all which even hints at the suggestion that he had any intention of causing harm or injury to other persons.”

The Crown Office then announced an appeal against the ruling that Mr Kennedy’s stripogram work did amount to a reasonable excuse.

Advocate depute Brian McConnachie had argued that if Sheriff Stewart’s ruling went unchallenged it could create a legal loophole for carrying weapons.

[via BBC News]

Well, say one thing about his weapon, at least he doesn’t keep it concealed. Ha!

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Deconstructing Steampunk: Designing Your Own Costume

Armed to the Nines

So now that you’re all aware of how awesome steampunk is, you’re thinking, “But it’s so awesome! How can I possibly design my own steampunk costume that will be as awesome as everyone else’s?” Never fear, dear readers; I am here to tell you all about the world of steampunk and how understanding it will help you design your very own, very awesome steampunk costume!

Lady AlmiraThe basic premise of the world of steampunk boils down to one simple principle: It is a world in which Newtonian physics are king. Imagine if no one ever bothered to learn about atoms, if Einstein had never come along with his theory of relativity, if the threat of world-wide destruction via atomic bombs had never been made possible.

That is the world of steampunk. It is very science-oriented, but with gears and cogs; pure mechanics. Nothing is digital, nothing is atomic, there is no quantum theory. Perhaps it’s so popular because it can be considered the layman’s science.

What makes steampunk different from most science fiction is the synthesis of science with fantasy—using science to create a fantasy world. Steampunk basically says, “Anything that can be done with magic can be done with science, and we’re the ones to do it!”

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What are You Gonna Wear, Man?

It’s never too early to think about Halloween costumes. What are you gonna wear, man?

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How to Make a Giant Sandwich Costume

Indy Mogul has a wonderful demonstration of how to make a giant sandwich costume. It looks great and it was made on a $40 budget.

Giant Sandwich Costume

Giant Sandwich CostumeGiant Sandwich CostumeGiant Sandwich Costume

Check out THEIR ARTICLE and watch the video below.

Very fun and impressive!

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian opens in theaters tomorrow, and all around the world, Narnia fans are rejoicing. The story is fantastic, the cinematography is breathtaking and the costumes are out of this world.

Prince Caspian Movie Stills

Prince Caspian Movie Stills

A year after their very eventful encounter with a closet, the former Kings and Queens of Narnia are summoned back unexpectedly to Prince Caspian Movie Stillstheir part-time monarchy, only to find that nearly a millennium and a half have gone by in their former kingdom.

The wicked Telmarines have taken over and booted the broodingly handsome Prince Caspian from his rightful throne. The Pevensie kids team up with the Prince to help him deal with his anger issues and send his scheming Uncle Miraz packing.

Click on a thumnail to view larger image:

Prince Caspian Movie StillsPrince Caspian Movie StillsPrince Caspian Movie Stills

Prince Caspian Movie StillsPrince Caspian Movie StillsPrince Caspian Movie Stills


Here is the official Prince Caspian movie trailer. See you at the movies!

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British Judges to Dress in Star Trek Costumes?

New Judge Attire

Judges in the British courtoom are discarding their traditional attire and boldly going to the future.

Star Trek RobeBritain’s top judges are to get a new outfit, doing away with their traditional wigs and introducing colour-coded robes which one critic likened to costumes from the hit sci-fi series Star Trek.
[via AFP]

According to The Guardian’s Hadley Freeman, the new robes make the judges look “like the man who sells you tickets for the Star Trek Experience at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.”

Really, are they worse than the horse hair wigs?

Judges Wigs

Many British judges are unhappy with the new look. They claim that wigs add to the dignity of proceedings and confer an anonymity which stops villains recognizing them out of court.

MaskI admit that I’m a little confused – the wigs don’t hide their faces. If they want anonymity, I would suggest wearing a mask.

I suppose it’s not my place to judge the judges. But I like the new Star Trek look and find it rather inspiring. When faced with a tough decision, now the judges can ask themselves, “What would Spock do?”

Spock passes judgement

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Costume Get! puts Gaming Costumes Front and Center


Obviously we like any new take on costumes and the fun associated. Earlier on we reviewed Project Rooftop, our totally favorite superhero costume blog. Dean Trippe really has the system down, and his work is fantastic.

Well, this time we’re moving over to gaming with a unique blog. Costume Get! is utterly devoted to the pixelated masterpieces found in popular video games. Important? Well seeing as how video games often inspire a lot of cosplay and real life costumes, it’s not hard to wonder why the blog is great.

Last year we saw the Big Daddy and Little Sister take the gaming world by storm with their iconic images. Just a week ago we saw the look alike Nico Bellic pop up and get tons of hits. With so many gamers out there, and so much costume love, this blog is well worth the time and effort.

Blogger Wataru Maruyama is no newbie to the trade and has been in the video game industry for years. He doesn’t mess around either. The requirements for being under consideration on Costume Get! are specific:

Philosophy and rules:
1) The ideal costume looks cool, but also has a soul.
2) Overall aesthetics of the game also come into play.
3) A great costume can make a good game great or a bad game warrant a rental.
4) Unlockable outfits must be worth the trouble of obtaining it and playing through the game multiple times.
5) There will be a little to no live action cosplay coverage.

Well he’s not convinced on covering cosplay, but hey there’s some great inspiration at hand.

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