The Greatest American Hero Costume

The Greatest American Hero

Does anyone remember The Greatest American Hero? It was on TV in the early 1980’s. Man, I LOVED, LOVED that show as a kid. I wanted my own suit in the worst way. Thankfully, now that the show is on DVD, I get to watch it all over again. There’s also rumors flying that a GAH movie will be made!

I want to talk a bit about the show, the spinoff pilot that never got picked up, and then take a look at some great fan-made costumes.

The Greatest American HeroThe Greatest American Hero is about Ralph Hinkley, a school teacher who’s given a superhero suit by aliens. But he loses the instruction book and struggles with his new powers as he tries to save the world. It’s great stuff. It’s a parody of other superheroes. The creator, Stephen J. Cannell, purposefully made the suit look ridiculous. Personally, I love the costume.

The show ran for three seasons, until it was cancelled in 1983.

Greatest American HeroineHowever, in 1986, a spinoff was created called “The Greatest American Heroine.” Ralph Hinkley must give his suit to someone else, and he chooses Holly Hathaway, a kind-hearted gal who’s big on saving the planet and protecting defenseless animals.

Unfortunately, the network execs passed on the show and it never came to fruition. When the Greatest American Hero went into syndication, this unaired pilot served as the series finale.

Greatest American Heroine Greatest American HeroineGreatest American Heroine

Greatest American Hero CostumeI imagine right about now you’re wondering, “Where can I buy a Greatest American Hero costume?”

Well, you might be better off making one yourself, but 80’sTees does sell a fairly decent official costume. It looks like a popular item, as they are currently sold out of all sizes except small.

And I’ll give them extra points for showing their costume IN ACTION.

Okay, so let’s take a look at some fan-made costumes!!

Some fan-made costumes are, um, better than others. But it’s the passion that counts, right?

Greatest American Hero Costume

Greatest American Hero CostumeGreatest American Hero Costume

Here are some great Heroine costumes, though one looks Photoshopped.

Greatest American HeroineSexy Greatest American Heroine

Congratulations, everyone, for making such great costumes!

I’ll leave you now with a Youtube clip of the opening credits for Greatest American Hero, which features the best theme song ever. “Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…

I can only hope they make a movie soon, or better yet bring the show back to TV.

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4 Responses to The Greatest American Hero Costume

  1. robert says:

    i got my greatest american hero costume on it call 80 teen there got shirt XXL and cape fit great robert

  2. manny says:

    Man, I want one! I wish they had more full suits in stock.

  3. They ARE doing a remake in a film!

    Hollywood has been out of ideas for years, so this was going to happen eventually. Theres an interview with the creator, and how he decided to get “fresh writers” for it because he said it needs to be rewritten, as all shows do, to be good.

    Anyone have the TV GUIDE ad for this show, where it says “Everyones gunning for Hinkley”?

  4. ryan says:

    greatest american camel toe?

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