The Chronicles of CONduit: Part One

CONduit - Blue Man
Todd, the blue alien

I had a great time last weekend at CONduit, the annual sci fi/fantasy convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event, which ran from May 23-25, is a great way for fans of the genre to come together to discuss and share ideas about all things sci fi/fantasy.

CONduit features professional authors, artists, actors, game designers, singers…and of course, COSTUMES!

CONduit - Registration Booth
CONduit Registration Booth

Defeated - a novel by S.D. McKeeWhen I arrived, the registration booth was hopping with activity. Right off the bat, I was handed a free copy of ‘Defeated,’ a novel by local author S. D. Mckee.

The story is about the future of mankind that finds itself in a war with a sinister alien entity after a wormhole experiment goes horribly wrong. Fun stuff!

CONduit - Costume WorkshopCostume Workshop

Eventually, I wandered into the costume workshop. It was full of tables and sewing machines for people to work on their costumes.

I chatted briefly with Todd (blue man featured above), Elise and Jessica, who were preparing their costumes for the Star Wreck Tempest, which is an adaption of Shakespeare’s The Tempest using Star Trek characters. Wow, what a great idea! Jessica was covered in green makeup, preparing for her role as a Vulcan in the story.

CONduit - Shakespeare Performers
Jessica (left) and Elise (right) prepare for the ‘Star Wreck Tempest’

CONduit - Dress
Elise shows off the dress she has sewn

Dealer’s Room

CONduit - MasksThe Dealer’s Room was an especially fun place to browse. A Sci Fi farmer’s market, local vendors displayed their wares in style.

The room was packed with authors, jewelry makers, tailors, masks and sci fi weaponry.

CONduit - Dealer Tables
CONduit – Dealer Tables

I had a chance to talk with Heidi Evans, the owner of Accentuate!, which sells Gothic and novelty clothing, accessories, jewelry, incense and oils. She looked great with her green hair and white makeup.

CONduit - Heidi
Heidi Evans, owner of Accentuate!

I’ll confess, I’m not entirely certain if she was in costume or just dressed normally. But she was very excited to be at the Con and her custom jewelry and clothing were a big attraction for the attendees.

The Elf and the PrincessI also talked with Anna del C. Dye, author of ‘The Elf and the Princess,’ a fantasy trilogy for young adults. It’s a story of “true love, high adventure, and medieval-style warfare between elves, men, and orks.”

Anna actually learned the art of medieval swordplay in order to write with authenticity. “I have to do a lot of research and see how other writers explain their battles. I did not find many with whom I was happy. So, I did the fights in my head and watched battles scenes in movies. Then I found a medieval sword class, and my husband and I enrolled in it,” she explained.

Her husband was at the Con with her, dressed as the Elf in her story. Anna herself was dressed as the Princess. She designed and sewed both of their costumes, and together they looked magnificent.

CONduit - The Elf and the Princess
The Elf and the Princess
Author Anna del C. Dye and her husband, Rodney

Discussion Panels

CONduit offered an enormous amount of discussion panels for aspiring writers and sci fi lovers. This was a great opportunity to meet with experts in the field and discuss all aspects of sci fi and fantasy.

CONduit - WizardTo name a few:

• The Morphing of Language

• Worldbuilding

• Realms of Star Wars

• Poetry Workshop

• Victorian Ghost Stories

• Disaster Films

• History of Weapons

CONduit - Costumers
Con attendees pose in their costumes

All in all, this is a great event for sci fi/fantasy lovers, particularly aspiring authors, to come learn and discuss the finer details of the genre.

Stay tuned for Part Two, as Camilla shares her own experiences at CONduit. And special thank to the hardworking volunteers who made this event a great time for everyone.

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