Minutemen Costumes from the Watchmen movie

Minutemen from the upcoming Watchmen movie
Minutemen from the upcoming Watchmen movie

Harry over at AintitCoolNews just broke an exclusive story regarding the upcoming Watchmen movie. In the movie, there’s a group of old superheroes called Minutemen (shown above).

Who are the Minutemen? Well in WATCHMEN – it was the first team of superheroes that formed in 1939 and pulled a BEATLES in 1949. In the pic you’ll see the classic SILK SPECTRE and NITE OWL… you’ll see CAPTAIN METROPOLIS, MOTHMAN, SILHOUETTE, COMEDIAN, DOLLAR BILL and with the noose… HOODED JUSTICE.

I love this photo… just look at those costumes, the hairstyles and makeup. Isn’t that classic? It’s that attention to detail that I think bodes very well for this project.

Yes, those costumes are sensational. They look so authentic for the year 1940. The Watchmen movie will come out next year, I can’t wait!

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  1. Nick says:

    I’m trying to find the Minute Men version of the Comedian’s belt buckle(red laughing man), perfect shot of in game room with Silk Spectre during incident, please help?

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