Costumes for Memorial Day

Most people don’t think of Memorial Day as a great costuming event. What are you doing to do, go to a graveyard dressed in black? But if you’re a Civil War re-enactor, you feel a little differently about this holiday!

At Greenwich Village in Michigan, there is an event this weekend called Civil War Remembrance. It’s an awesome opportunity to learn more about this tumultuous time in America’s history. There are events and exhibitions regarding all facets of life at the time, as well as concerts and re-enactment shows! But what caught my eye, of course, was the costuming.

Civil War Remembrance

The place will be filled with professional and amateur Civil War re-enactors, dressed their very best in period costumes! There will be a lot of soldiers from both sides of the conflict, who will perform military re-enactments on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. And for the less military-inclined, there will be a ball on Sunday afternoon. The perfect excuse to wear that huge Southern belle dress you’ve always wanted to!

There will also be a few exhibitions about fashion during that time. If you’re into historical fashion, this is an event you must attend.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not anywhere near Michigan—but if you are, you should check it out! More information can be found at their website.

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