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Give Peas a Chance

Last Sunday, New York City hosted the Veggie Pride Parade. People came dressed as their favorite vegetables and protested the eating of meat.

The parade began in the meatpacking district and finished at Washington Square Park, where vegan jerky sticks were handed out and a costume contest was held.

Veggie Parade

The parade was created by Pamela Rice, author of “101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian.”

On the Official Website, she explains the goals of the parade:

1. To set a positive example by standing proud and standing up for the veg’n lifestyle.

2. To show our true love of animals, which must include farmed animals.

3. To celebrate our healthy diet.

4. To educate about the issues surrounding today’s cruel, unsustainable, and exploitative meat-, egg-, and dairy-production systems.

5. To encourage meat eaters—through advocacy and example—to join us in our compassionate way of living.

Veggie Pride ParadeVeggie Pride Parade

Hmm, those banana costumes sure look familiar

Personally, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, but I do respect their cause. And where else would you find a bloody cow costume?

Bloody Cow Costume

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  1. Ronan says:

    So was there a big TURNIP at the Parade? lol

    The Pea costume is really class, must have taken ages to make.

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