Is that a Weapon in your Pocket, or are you just a Male Stripper?

Male Stripper

A costume blog is always fun, and sometimes it’s just plain funny.

Stuart KennedyMeet Stuart Kennedy, a professional male stripper otherwise known as Sgt. Eros. He frequently performs in costume dressed as a police officer and sometimes a soldier.

Recently, Sgt. Eros danced his way into the courthouse, accused of illegally carrying weapons while on the job. He was arrested for carrying two batons and a spray without lawful authority.

However, Sheriff Kenneth Stewart said: “There is no evidence at all which even hints at the suggestion that he had any intention of causing harm or injury to other persons.”

The Crown Office then announced an appeal against the ruling that Mr Kennedy’s stripogram work did amount to a reasonable excuse.

Advocate depute Brian McConnachie had argued that if Sheriff Stewart’s ruling went unchallenged it could create a legal loophole for carrying weapons.

[via BBC News]

Well, say one thing about his weapon, at least he doesn’t keep it concealed. Ha!

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2 Responses to Is that a Weapon in your Pocket, or are you just a Male Stripper?

  1. Be careful with that thing

  2. bob says:

    you are so sexci xx

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