Costume Get! puts Gaming Costumes Front and Center


Obviously we like any new take on costumes and the fun associated. Earlier on we reviewed Project Rooftop, our totally favorite superhero costume blog. Dean Trippe really has the system down, and his work is fantastic.

Well, this time we’re moving over to gaming with a unique blog. Costume Get! is utterly devoted to the pixelated masterpieces found in popular video games. Important? Well seeing as how video games often inspire a lot of cosplay and real life costumes, it’s not hard to wonder why the blog is great.

Last year we saw the Big Daddy and Little Sister take the gaming world by storm with their iconic images. Just a week ago we saw the look alike Nico Bellic pop up and get tons of hits. With so many gamers out there, and so much costume love, this blog is well worth the time and effort.

Blogger Wataru Maruyama is no newbie to the trade and has been in the video game industry for years. He doesn’t mess around either. The requirements for being under consideration on Costume Get! are specific:

Philosophy and rules:
1) The ideal costume looks cool, but also has a soul.
2) Overall aesthetics of the game also come into play.
3) A great costume can make a good game great or a bad game warrant a rental.
4) Unlockable outfits must be worth the trouble of obtaining it and playing through the game multiple times.
5) There will be a little to no live action cosplay coverage.

Well he’s not convinced on covering cosplay, but hey there’s some great inspiration at hand.

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