The Costume Institute Explores Superheroes – Hosts Celebrity Gala

I don’t think most people need further proof that geek culture is really sheik these days. However, for those of you who do, I’d take a look at any fashion magazine or blog today.

On Monday night, big named celebrities sardined packed themselves into the Met’s Costume Institute Gala to get a glimpse of the new designer exhibit to go up at the Institute. For those not in the NYC know, it’s called “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy”. That’s right, the world of high fashion has jumped on the Super Hero spaceship and is making a contribution. Who would have thought?

The attendance of Tinsel Town A-listers was high, and so was the paparazzi. Although none seemed to come in mask and cape, there were some “costume-esque” getups sported by a few celebs. Maybe some of them are superheroes in disguise? I have my suspicions. Check out the most extensive fashion coverage at PopSugar.

Our interest centers back on the actual exhibit, of which is likely to not be so fantastic without seeing it in person. We found this YouTube friendly exhibit, but if you want something more high quality check out this link.

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