Trailer 2 For “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Released

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Buzz is everywhere for summer blockbuster movies, and since the season is just beginning the stream should be steady.

Amidst that, a second trailer for Steven Spielberg’s new installment in the Indiana Jones series has just been turned loose and is already getting people pumped. Here’s the high quality version from the site.

So it’s not surprise that everyone is uncaging their retrolust for this movie. However, we have seen some IP rehashes that were less than what was expected. Indiana Jones movies have always been the perfect mix of fun, humor, action, adventure, and cheesy romance. We’ll see this time around if Spielberg still has it. As for me, I’m not getting psyched and overshooting my expectations.

How do you think this one will turn out. Leave some thoughts in the comments section.

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