The Heather Gold Show on Steampunk at Maker Faire

Heather Gold

With Maker Faire only hours away, news is pouring in as to what we should expect. This time, they’ve got something planned for the steampunk fans.

Comedian and self-proclaimed geek Heather Gold is broadcasting a live show from Maker with a panel of steampunk senseis that are sure to answer your questions and get you thinking about the forward progress of steampunk DIY.

Steampunk tinkerer and master of The Steampunk Workshop, Jake Von Slatt, will be in attendance. Heather will also be discussing matters with Steampunk Magazine editor and purveyor of authentic steampunk fashion Libby Bulloff as well as Abney Park lead vocalist Captain Robert.

The agenda is to dig deeper into steampunk culture, address the emergence factor, discuss it’s place in modern pop culture, and get down to the nitty gritty of this cultural disguise that is capturing more and more.

The panel will be at 4:00 p.m. at Maker Faire, and Abney Park will be playing the event. If you have golden tickets, bring us back some videos!

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