Amazing Fan-made Iron Man Costume
May 2, 2008 art

Iron Man Costume

This is probably the best fan-made costume I’ve ever seen! Custom molded and painted, this looks EXACTLY like the Iron Man suit in the movie. You can read more about the creation of this costume on the Replica Prop Forum.

Iron Man ArmorIron Man CostumeIron Man CostumeIron Man Costume

Iron Man CostumeIron Man CostumeIron Man CostumeIron Man Costume

Iron Man CostumeIron Man CostumeIron Man Costume

All the armor parts are fanmade out of glassfiber with strong and sharp details, then carefully painted in rich red and gold colour. The midsection armor and neckseal is made from flexible plastic, painted in rich red colours. The gloves are made of foam rubber. The helmet comes with see through eye lenses. The lenses reflect light and does not allow anyone to see your eyes.

The armor is made to fit a person approx. size 6 -6.4 foot tall with from 32 – 38 inch waistline. Ideal size: 6.2 tall, 35 inch waistline, approx. 220 lbs.

Well done, sir. You are a costume master!

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  1. Awsome! Someone actually managed to duplicated, crazy! So will this costume be reproduced to be sold?

  2. I will like to know if your be willing to make one for sale.

  3. Sorry Luis! It’s wasn’t us that made it! Check out the link for more info!

  4. I want one! AWSOME! cool, I’m going to do it…

  5. Do you have kids size?

    Otherwise, please let me know where I can get It.


  6. ya i want a kid one for like 4 ft. 8in. or sometin or somwhere else that has them anyway it looks great

  7. Iron Man costume

    WOW, if only they made costumes like those for sale haha.

    I would totally get one

  8. I see he took a few cues from the original RoboCop armor…
    That’s pretty nice..

  9. yea, id buy one of those but to fit 150 lbs. 5 feet 9 in, id be willing to pay like 400

  10. Is your suit for sale and if so what are the sizes?

  11. Coool suit!

  12. that would fit me perfectly…. I’d EASILY pay $400-$600 for that…. that looks absolutely fantastic…

  13. is this iron man suit for sale i love it

  14. sell this suit to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. that is the coolest costume i have ever seen!! in my entire life! i just saw the moview 2 days ago it was amazing but the costume you made was soooooooo cool so how did you make it were can i find some pieces to make a costume like that and how long did it take you to make it? but any way the cool part would be if you actually put hover stuff on the boots so it could fly but hey i no thats not possible but any way great costume!

  16. will you be able to to make a size smaller at about on the upper body M/M 38/40 and on the lower body
    mens XL 40-42 and if you can can you and don’t mind sendind the the ways to make it to thank you

  17. Lucas Zeballos


    I WANT 1 DO YOU SELL IT?!?!?!

    HOW MUCH?!?!?! I PAY

  18. Real Iron Man Costume

    Man must have cost a fortune to build this… props for the hard work, dedication and an amazing final product!

  19. How much are you selling the costume for? I am actual the perfect size for it. Im 6’3, my waistline is 34 inches and i weigh about 190. It would be pimp if could have the costume. I’d wear it everywhere. Too bad it cant fly lol.

  20. Thanks for your kind words and thanks to to show so much intrest in this to post this.
    It took 7 month of work from start to end. It has been a fun project.
    New improvements since then, new gloves, feet, and shoulders.

  21. TMP, we’re honored that you posted here. As you can see, everyone wants to buy your costume. Such fantastic work! Please drop by and visit us again.

  22. YOU MUST TELL ME HOW YOU BUILT THIS!! I want to do this as a project for this halloween and while I was dissappointed to see that someone beat me to it, you did a PHENOMINAL job, The realism is unbelievable. This suit wouldn’tt fit me however I have the funds to build my own. I’d even be willing to buy the plans off of you. I just need guidance on how to get started!!!! Hopefully, it won’t take me 7 months since as of right now, I’ve only got 5 🙂

  23. – at least tell me how you got started and what tools/molds you needed for fabiration; that would be all the jumpstart that I needed!

  24. **Fabrication

  25. world of fancy dress

    This costume looks great!

  26. Man TPM, you are sure something!

    Now find someone to supply the minture chain gun and make a War Machine model 😀

  27. Have you got same sketches of it? Please send it to me!!!

  28. Dude, can you make me one of these. I am a huge fan of Iron Man and saw the movie 3x. I would really
    appreciate some feedback to let me know. That is totally amazing.

  29. dood that is like the best costume ever i saw the movie like a million times at the theater it would be a dream come true if you gave me the costume. dood your like the best guy in the world on makeing the iron man suit.i think you should be famouse more than famouse because your the best gie that makes the iron man costume.if you were going to give it to me i would like to see all the wepons that iron man has on his suit on his suit.dood idont even know how it looks on the in side

  30. dood its like if you got me the costumes right now but the size has to be at 4.11 . but dood it would mean the world to me if you gave me the suit because i would do any thing to get that frekin AWSOME you have a kids size or just tell me if you can tell me where to buy onesomething like that i mean if i had to go tomexico to get i dont care how long it takes im just telling you that ireally REALLY want the suit because im a big fan of ironman it looks so cool on the out side and i bet it would look so cool in the inside because in the movie iron man i saw it in the movie and it looked like there was a computer in side there but flying.

  31. dude that is really awsome how much will it cost for the helmet alone ill pay 100.00$?

  32. Are you making any to sell. I fit the dimension of the suit as is.


  33. I fit the dimensions as is. Can you replicate the first one?

  34. Hi

    I am very interested in buying a costume i have been looking everywhere to find one and i ran accross your site. If you could let me know if you are selling the suit or makeing others, or even if you could give me some info on building my own. i love the suit.

  35. Please can you tell me how to make that because i can pay heaps for that?
    how long did it take to make it

  36. Wow!
    Very impressive.
    It’s so well done and detailed.

    Though I find it kind of funny how people aren’t paying atention to the fact that it’s not MyDisguises’ suit.

    Heh, oh vwell.

  37. iron man big fan

    what are the lenses made out of its very cool that no one can see eyes but you can see out


  38. iron man big fan

    how did you make the lenses
    where did you get
    what are they
    and what are they made of

    its so cool

  39. Jamie Ironman Mk 92

    that is the best thing in the world please make me one ill do anything

  40. veramente fantastico.

  41. It must really piss you off that people don’t really read what your saying and just beg for one.

    Well it would piss me off.

    Nice find btw. I’ve a total Iron Man fetish! Lol.

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  47. Actually, doesn’t Vader stop lasers with the Force?

  48. do you have any 4 sale?

  49. hey love the masterpiece i need one where can i get one, need one soon

  50. hi there.I need an iron man halmet.can you give me one?how much is that?please write to me on

  51. Hey you kick ass cna you make me one ill pay for it. am 5’9 let me know if you can make one. Thanks

  52. Can you make me one? if you can how much. Thank you. by the way am 5’9

  53. woooow thats amazing i see both images and i cant really tell the difference. Excellent job

  54. i was wondering if you would build another suit or if you ould give me the info for making a suit i know i wont have it for this halloween but i would love to make a suit like that maybe for next year thank you

  55. dude ill buy one if u make an adult maedium

  56. How much? right size but im 190lbs. Name your price.

  57. an that is, SO COOL!!!!! They BETTER sell one!

  58. i have 6.5mil to put into this project i am looking for all information on these topics:
    1.exoskeleton suits (schematics)
    2.effective padding for medium to high impact power generators
    4.Greater technology for controlling the suit (from inside of course)

    if anyone has any ideas or information please e-mail me at

    please note:

    DO NOT send me weapons schematics or anything similar this is not a tank this i am making a flight suit for personal use over a local region anyone attempting to make anything further i want nothing to do with any contact about making a weapon out of this project will be reported to local authority’s

    Project Man

  59. Hello everybody. Yeah…people are going to end up hating me on this site because of this posting, but I
    actually noticed a few flaws with your costume. For starters, the costume in Iron Man did not have any
    exposed clothes underneath it. The suit that Robert Downey Jr. wore actually had to be bolted onto him
    because he told interviewers that it was very hard to move in it because there hardly any joint space. On
    yours, I see an exposed shirt. If you could actually make certain pieces that go inbetween those parts of
    the suit that stick out like a sore thumb, then that would make it look even better.
    Another flaw is that the mask that you created is a bit…how do I describe it…”fat” as compared to the
    mask in the movie version. The mask in the movie version was more slim. This is quite bulky, but I take
    it that it looks that way because of the wearers face dimensions. Fair enough. That’s not a big deal.
    One other flaw that I saw was that, if you watch the movie, the suit actually has a graceful, organic look
    to it. It’s thin, lean, like it’s actually the person’s body. This suit looks like some kind of military special
    ops outfit that a 2 ton gorilla would wear. Sorry. I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, but it’s true.
    The suit is great and all, but I think you got ripped off when you paid that much money for it.
    Other than that, I love it. It looks great, ALMOST genuine to the screen-worn version, but with it’s own
    little flaws, but hey. Nothing can ever be perfect, right? But good job in acquiring that. It looks great
    on you. Truly.

  60. Hi Larry,
    You sound like a party pooper.
    the suit is awesome,period.
    If you are looking for the perfect one, why don’t you buy the real suit that they actually used in the movie, and stop busting the man’s chops already.
    if you have anything that might cheer the guy, say it, otherwise, buzz off.

  61. WHere Can I buy one in Double extra large and ?lol And when can I have it?

  62. hmm yea iron man looks a bit chubby
    but other than than holy crap this is great

  63. i’m makeing the helmet rite now but thats awsome if it was me i would where it outside an see all the heads turn great job

  64. Nice costume. I am about to build a functional hand/glove of Iron man for an advertising shoot.

    I would rather rent your gloves from you instead. Having the glove built would be thousands of dollars. How much would you want to rent yours to me. It would have to be fedexed to me almost immediately if you were interested. Let me know.I need it for a couple days, after which I’ll send it back. Or you could sell them to me and just make new ones. Lets start the negociations. I”m p[icking a number out of thin air for this. How is $750 for the gloves and wrist guards?

    let me know. I’m up in Toronto, Canada


  65. who in thw world has the time ti do this? yor this iteam
    our in saine i wil pay 1,000,000 $

  66. Listen, I am a HUGE DAFT PUNK fan, and I want Mark’s Helmet. If you could write me back ASAP, and we can negotiate a deal or something. Thanks!
    James Staton


  68. Do you sale the iron man costume let me know thank

  69. william borgstrom

    I was wondering how to contact the person who made this replica? I have a very lucrative buissness proposition. I have investors who will be supplying the capital. Please contact william borgstrom

  70. Amazing!!!
    I live in Brazil and Iron Man is my herat super-hero!!!
    Could you send me (or sold me) the projects?
    I will try to do one here!
    By the way, congratulations for the patience and hard job!!!!
    See you!

  71. HI yes this is a dream suit, very well done, your a true master of moulding, i have searched for one that was a bit cheaper than the one on ebay, even though its well worth the money that i do not have, so i searched and searched and finaly found my dream Ironman suit it looks the same as this one, i have only seen it in pics but im off to see it in person next week, i will ask if its poss to get more for you all.
    i love this suit cant wait to get into one.
    if any of you want to email me please do.
    yours Kaz

  72. Dear god,
    My mouth dropped when i saw this.. Fine details my friend..
    Excellent work

  73. That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fake

  74. You can tell that the picture of the suit was just taken from a scene of the movie, and put over a picture of a yard!!! That suit is NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Shadowind, but it IS real.

  76. Wow! Amazin outfit,,, do you know where can I get one of these?? truly impressive, the details of the costume are the same as the character…. Really an perfect copy….

  77. looks like iron man’s put on a bit of weight haha

  78. kak go napravi iskam da mi dadesh planove she plata ako trebva no gi iskam mnogo iron man is my hero

  79. Hello,
    Your costume is beyond description. I cannot tell you how accurate I think it is. Critics may say it is off here and there but for all of us true believers it is spot on. I do not know if you read this web page or in fact if you read any of your fan pages as you must be very busy. In case you check this one now and then I would like to ask you if you sell your plans for your costume or if perhaps you sell pre made sections according to the measurements of the person ordering the outfit.
    The Iron man character is very popular among children and adults and it would indeed be a great help to fund raising efforts for special needs children as well as a great therapeutic aid to the children themselves to be visited by a super hero now and then.
    So if you would let us know how we go about building Iron Man and then getting permission from Marvel to use the Iron Man persona as both a means to raise awareness and funds for the charities, and to allow ” Iron Man” or whichever comic character we can build an outfit for to visit the children in need it would be greatly appreciated.
    Kilt One

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  81. ill pay 300 more or less for the suit

  82. dude ill pay make me1

  83. That costume is awesome! Where can I find one?


  85. hı can buy thıs ıronman costume …please contackt whıt us

  86. will you sell it or should reply us…

  87. is this costume available for sale cause i like to buy….

  88. Hi i have made a few of these great suits, in different sizes, if anyone wants one please contact me, i will make it fit your measurements, but please remember these take a few months to make as they are made by hand and sculted, the end suit is made from fibre glass, so its light weight and very strong, thankyou
    kaz pullen yum–
    i am in the UK

  89. how much to make an another?

  90. i would like to buy one of these it is my birthday at the end of june and would like to go out in fancy dress as ironman.i would purchase it and pay for labour and parts name your price and i will gladly pay money is not a option for me i must have one of these suits and the person who gives one to me will be paid alot contact me on 07856963154 please no time wasters i will get one of these suits ive got the money who can deliver?

  91. so i see its not for sale would u b willing to make for me and i pay u for it?

  92. Hey there was just wondering if this suit or one like it is available for sale… If u could just name a price as i am very keen.. Or if u know of anyone that has one for sale? Thanks for your help.

  93. Hi yes as i have said in my previous posts, i can make the ironman suit in any size you require for under 3.300 i will send you a measurent form to fill in and talk you through what will happen and how payment is made, i will send you pics and a short vid every week so you will be able to see how your very own made to measure ironman suit is being born, i have been designing and making props ,outfits,stage equipment, wild n wonderfull outfits like latex super hero costumes for over 22 years and im not about to stop now.
    so if you are still interested please email me : yum–
    this is a very geuine offer i will post you a few pics of the other suits i have made for customers over seas, im in the UK.
    thankyou kaz pullen.

  94. is this for sale?

  95. hi i was wondering how much would you sell the iron man suit for. if so call or text me at 1-719-431-3103

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  97. Am I able to purchase a costume?

  98. Iron man needs to loose weight..

  99. i want u to build one for me!!! contact me and let me know how we will do business!!
    contact me here—

  100. Of Course it's $6G!

    Each piece of that suit is like doing a bitchy bit of bodywork on a car, EACH piece! If he ramped up with moulds to produce them faster, Marvel would sue his ass.

    I love the guy who said he would give $400 for it. I doubt that would cover the glassfibre, resin and paint, definitely wouldn’t if he had the audacity of paying himself $1 an hour.

  101. i want to but one.please send me details on on how to avail it and the price 5’10, average size. waistline 36.
    please reply the soonest.
    thanks and i really like the suit.

  102. I would like to buy one…please

  103. hey i love ironman and i would love to buy a coustume like that

  104. i love ironman and i would love to buy a coustume like that and how much thank

  105. Can you please let me know if this iron man costume is uo for sale still? ?I would like to buy it if the price is right!

  106. i would buy that with all my $5000

  107. can you help me out how did you get started how were you aible to put it all to gether if you can hit me back that would be great

  108. me interesa comprarte un traje, radico en mexico, en cuanto saldria?.

  109. pora veio é bom

  110. You’re either a blind idiot, or not very funny, if you think it’s fake then I could draw money on toilet paper and you would beleive it, do you really think that looks like the movie’s suit, look at all the gaps and the paint peeling off on the hands

  111. can you make one for me?? how much you will charge?? thank you..


  113. I can make a real working one with a paintball gun

  114. can i buy that cotact me at   please

  115. Edwardjoseph_francia

    how much was this costume costs?

  116. He can i buy one for 200 $ ?

  117. Do you have one for kids size I have made several attempts to make this suit. My grades dropped because I was so obsessed with the suit. I realize I’m kind of late because I’ve noticed other comments posted four years ago. Please respond as soon as you can about the Ironman suit.

  118. hello! I want to buy one of this! how can I do iot? pls respnond on thank you

  119. How much it cost to buy it ?

  120. How much it cost to buy it ?


    do you have any large size costume im 511 180 pounds 33 waist

  122. Terrific job! Love the look on the suit! DO you make more? how much to sell/built one? VERY interested… contact me Best regards and well done!

  123. Hey I wanna know if you are selling the iron man suits for ?? Thank you

  124. Where can I get oe and for how much?

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