Jing, Photography, Costumes, Culture, and Superhyperreal

More and more, this becomes. Art meshes with fashion, fashion partakes in fantasy, fantasy masks imagery, and masks hide monotony. The costume stands in as a qualifier of culture and life.

jing’s artwork describes this most efficiently.

via the artist’s site:

jing’s SUPERHYPERREAL world is full of people infused with visceral, unsentimental, in-your-face attitudes!

With shiny-eyed optimism and close interaction with everyday people,

jing combines his eye for subtle gestures and expressions with a tropical color palette and the classical formality of the tableau,

instilling the colorful character of his subjects in his images.

Utilizing a healthy dose of kitsch and humor to disarm viewers’ expectations,

jĭng explores the social instinct of people to form communities and identities,

and questions our tendency to define characters and cultural stereotypes.

jing’s appreciation of cultural references and authentic environments, coupled with strong conceptual direction,

help to create contemporary fictions, alternate realities and mythologies in our urban social narratives.

Peek in the gallery to get a closer look at jing’s depiction of culture through movement, apparel, and color as perceived by society. Head over to the main site for a closer look at the merging of art with costume by jing.


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