Alter Egos Society

Alter Egos Society

Portland, Oregon is definitely a great place for costume lovers. Meet the Alter Egos Society. From their website:

“The ALTER EGOS SOCIETY is a loose collection of artists and functional nerds who band together in times of crisis to create an opportunity for people to wear tights in public.”

Sounds fun! In association with, they recently put on a huge Alter Ego bash where Superheroes and Super Villains Heroes were given a chance to prove themselves through contests, games and, apparently, lots of drinking.

PlutoSuperhero or Villain?Red Menace

[Photos via Northwest Bookworm]

Looks like a great group of people. The Alter Ego Society also makes superhero short films and they donate to p:ear, a charity that helps the homeless and transitional youth.

We’re going to keep our eyes on these guys. Very impressive!

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