Monkey Business

ZION, ILLINOIS – A group of students at Zion-Benton Township High School landed in hot water when they pulled a costume prank that disrupted classes. Ten seniors dressed as large bananas ran wildly through the school as they were chased by another student wearing a gorilla costume.

Monkey Business

Hah, great costumes! Sounds like an innocent prank, right? But the school administration didn’t think so, and the students found themselves suspended for seven days. That seems too harsh to me, especially when, according to the New-Sun, Zion students recently caught fighting only received a five-day suspension.

Many students planned protests in support of the “Banana Boys,” but the pranksters asked everyone to “relax” and stand down, fearing they might get banned from attending prom and the graduation ceremony.

Monkey Business Banana Boys

Well done, Banana Boys, and congratulations on surviving high school. We all know it’s a jungle out there.

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  2. Haven says:

    That same thing happened today. We had cheerleading tryouts and during three girls routine they came in and didn’t even interfere with the cheerleaders andeveryone knew but teachers. The four boys that did it have 9 days of suspension and are kicked out of track. How stupid.

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