Tracking Your Costume Community With The Best of Web

I was late to the Twitter party. I also don’t do much photography, so Flickr was always out of the question. I’ve been on Facebook for awhile now, but haven’t used it for its costume powers. You might say I’m a tad old school. Funny, since I proud myself on my unbearably geeky nature that seems to have no end.

I’ve come to the light, however, and have seen the future of costume fans across the globe. The web has grown up a lot and is always giving out more tools to keep people together. With more and more collective genius mixing into the pool with the social revolution, it’s without hesitation that any costume fan can immediately jump into the mix.

So here’s our mash up of web tools that will put your disguise on the map and open the floodgates of costume fan goodness to you.

Tools To Get You Known


Flickr is the ideal photo sharing website. Why? Well it just is. It’s clean, easy to use, attractive, and a repository for all images that are interesting. There are so many widgets and tools developed around Flickr that you can even add your Flickr album to your blog. Flickr is all about empowering the user to get their photos out and across the web.

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Yeah yeah, save your sighs on this one. The truth is that I’m onto you. I KNOW you use Facebook. I KNOW you check it every day. It’s part of your routine.

Well Facebook is growing and reaching out in all directions. You’ve got apps that let you develop a special tool for like-minded people, Fan Pages that let you declare what you love (and there’s likely pages out there on your costume love), video sharing, messaging, live chat, groups, friend lists, etc. It goes on and on. It’s easy to get your costume fandom out with a tool like Facebook.

Stay in the Know


I recently read an article about how Twitter saved a guy from an Egyptian jail. Twitter is oddly enough a big thing these days. The premise is you simply update the world on what your doing at any given moment. It has grown into a vast network of information sharing that is up and out so fast, you’re likely to see things break on Twitter faster than any news site out there.

Like Facebook, there are great tools to have Twitter work from phones and other devices. You can Twitter from your chat client. You can follow other Twitter mates and find out what they are talking about whenever it pops up. Find a gang of Twitter people to follow who are talking about costumes, and you’ll be the first to find out what you need to know.


I’ll stick with just Digg on this one, although there are many copies of this service out there. If you don’t know what Digg is then get to know it. Digg is social news. The news that gets read is the news that the readers decide is important. Thousands of stories, pictures, and videos cross Digg’s site every hour.

I’ve spent a good amount of time finding great articles that cater to the costume community. It’s worth at least a search per day.

Keeping the Conversation Going

Live Journal

Live Journal seems at first just like a blog community, but it’s oh so much more. Live Journal has evolved into a very active community of people who talk about what they love. People group up for purposes of conversation and discussion. Costume love is not absent from Live Journal user pages, as we’ve pulled inspiration for many an article from there. If you sign up, you’ll find yourself bursting into discussion pretty quickly.


I can’t highlight just one forum because they’re all unique. Like Live Journal, there are so many different forums out there it’s a matter of just searching and calling one home. What’s great about forums is that people really get attached to them and like to stick around. It’s nice to be a big fish in a small pond, and you’ll always find those in forums helping out, getting people going, and asking thought provoking questions.

Getting Answers

Yahoo Answers

Now that you’re all over the Internet and using it additively, you have to always have a place to go for questions. I sometimes hesitate with Yahoo Answers because some people will say anything in an answer, but it turns out there are some really helpful people there. You never know who will have an idea that can supplement your quandary.

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