Oh Yeah, MyDisguises has a Social Network

Ning… does that word ring sweet in your ear? It should. We’ve become closer to Ning than Joan Rivers to a plastic surgeon.

Ning is a site that lets you set up a social network, and that’s just what we did. We figure that it’s not enough to just have our site bursting with articles, but we need a place for people to talk, share, and make a name for themselves. MyDiguises’ new social network will do just that. What can you do?¬† Well for example:

  • Profiles – Make a page for yourself that identifies you as a real costume buff.
  • RSS Feeds – Our blog feeds directly over to NING and will be there for you to read as it updates.
  • Events – As we find great events going on, we’ll post em up there and you can know everything that’s going on exactly as it happens.
  • Personal Blogs – Did you have a great costume you made? Any classic stories? Yeah, blog em for us.
  • Photo Contributions – What’s a costume site without photos??! We believe in the “Pictures, or it didn’t happen” philosophy.
  • ¬†Forums and Groups – Link up with people, become a thought leader, be famous, tell all your friends, they’re already jealous.
  • Share Videos – Like pictures, but they move all around and have sound!

So basically, you get the idea. Get on the network! Have fun. It will be the best and only community that will let you unleash your passion for costumes on all levels!

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