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Prepping for the Maker Faire — Official Schedules Released

Maker Faire

Oh man, oh man, oh man! The Maker Faire is upon us very soon and we have every reason to latch on like a fly to his favorite flourescent. Infos have been peeping out the Interpipes for at least a few days now and we’re getting a better grasp of what to expect. In fact, a schedule has been whipped up courtesy the Maker site that will tickle your geek fancy:


Boiler Bar Stage
Jon Sarriugarte’s Boiler Bar Theater Presents
Craft Demos
• Soft Circuit Embroidery • How to Make Your Own Shoes…the Easy Way! • Make Your Own Free Range Mini-Monsters • Finger Puppets Who Wish To Not Die • Making Jewelry • Felt Faux Fruit • Create Ribbon Straw Flowers on Vintage Flower Looms • The DIY Bride: Quick & Easy Wedding Projects for Any Budget • Fashioning Technology: DIY Style • Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone • Guerilla Pattern Drafting • Create Your Own Photo Flip Book • Photojojo DIY Photo Blocks
Festival Stage
• EepyBird
Lion Brand Booth
• Lion Brand Yarn Unique Activities

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New “Dark Knight” Promotional Pics

Well, today is an exciting day for Batman fans around the world. Lots of new promotional pictures and posters have been released for the upcoming “The Dark Knight” movie. Here at MyDisguises, we are salivating at all the costume goodness.

Batman BannerBatman and Joker Joker - Promo Banner

The Dark Knight - Burning PosterBatman on Police CarHarvey Dent

Joker in CellThe Batpod - PosterThe Batpod

The Dark Knight - Billboard

This movie keeps looking better and better!

Also, keep your eyes on this website – a new Dark Knight trailer will be released this Sunday.

In closing, I’d like to pay tribute to the 1960’s Batman TV show and the infamous “Batusi” dance. The Dark Knight sure has come a long way, hasn’t he?

Why so serious? Indeed.

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Monkey Business

ZION, ILLINOIS – A group of students at Zion-Benton Township High School landed in hot water when they pulled a costume prank that disrupted classes. Ten seniors dressed as large bananas ran wildly through the school as they were chased by another student wearing a gorilla costume.

Monkey Business

Hah, great costumes! Sounds like an innocent prank, right? But the school administration didn’t think so, and the students found themselves suspended for seven days. That seems too harsh to me, especially when, according to the New-Sun, Zion students recently caught fighting only received a five-day suspension.

Many students planned protests in support of the “Banana Boys,” but the pranksters asked everyone to “relax” and stand down, fearing they might get banned from attending prom and the graduation ceremony.

Monkey Business Banana Boys

Well done, Banana Boys, and congratulations on surviving high school. We all know it’s a jungle out there.


Duct Tape Costumes

Duct Tape Costumes Duct tape has so many uses, and can solve all sorts of problems. So should we be surprised that it’s also great for making costumes?

Take a look at Kimberly Timmons and Christian Price as they attend their high school prom. Wow! Using over 50 rolls of blue and silver tape, they created costumes that rival the elegant dress of Cinderella and Prince Charming.

Kimberly entered a contest sponsored by the Duck brand duct tape company, hoping to win the $3,000 prize. According to GTR News, her dress weighed a hefty 25 pounds. Let’s hope she wins.

Looks fun, but is it painful to take off? Fortunately for Kimberly, she planned ahead. By sticking two pieces of duct tape together, she was able to don the dress without having it stick to her skin.

Apparently, duct tape costumes are immensely popular these days. Many duct tape companies and organizations sponsor these artistic contests. Check out more great pictures from and

Duct Tape Cowgirl Bender - Futurama


Oh Yeah, MyDisguises has a Social Network

Ning… does that word ring sweet in your ear? It should. We’ve become closer to Ning than Joan Rivers to a plastic surgeon.

Ning is a site that lets you set up a social network, and that’s just what we did. We figure that it’s not enough to just have our site bursting with articles, but we need a place for people to talk, share, and make a name for themselves. MyDiguises’ new social network will do just that. What can you do?  Well for example:

  • Profiles – Make a page for yourself that identifies you as a real costume buff.
  • RSS Feeds – Our blog feeds directly over to NING and will be there for you to read as it updates.
  • Events – As we find great events going on, we’ll post em up there and you can know everything that’s going on exactly as it happens.
  • Personal Blogs – Did you have a great costume you made? Any classic stories? Yeah, blog em for us.
  • Photo Contributions – What’s a costume site without photos??! We believe in the “Pictures, or it didn’t happen” philosophy.
  •  Forums and Groups – Link up with people, become a thought leader, be famous, tell all your friends, they’re already jealous.
  • Share Videos – Like pictures, but they move all around and have sound!

So basically, you get the idea. Get on the network! Have fun. It will be the best and only community that will let you unleash your passion for costumes on all levels!

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Tracking Your Costume Community With The Best of Web

I was late to the Twitter party. I also don’t do much photography, so Flickr was always out of the question. I’ve been on Facebook for awhile now, but haven’t used it for its costume powers. You might say I’m a tad old school. Funny, since I proud myself on my unbearably geeky nature that seems to have no end.

I’ve come to the light, however, and have seen the future of costume fans across the globe. The web has grown up a lot and is always giving out more tools to keep people together. With more and more collective genius mixing into the pool with the social revolution, it’s without hesitation that any costume fan can immediately jump into the mix.

So here’s our mash up of web tools that will put your disguise on the map and open the floodgates of costume fan goodness to you.

Tools To Get You Known


Flickr is the ideal photo sharing website. Why? Well it just is. It’s clean, easy to use, attractive, and a repository for all images that are interesting. There are so many widgets and tools developed around Flickr that you can even add your Flickr album to your blog. Flickr is all about empowering the user to get their photos out and across the web.

Hit the jump for more of our ideas…

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The Force is Not Strong With These Ones…

C3P0 Bad Costume

Do your friends think you spend way too much time on the Internet? Yeah, well mine do. It’s okay I’m over it… really.

Whatever, my problems aren’t the point. I’m here to lull you into a haze of Internet obsession you won’t want to cure. Unfortunately, I’m not clever enough nor do I have the resources to build an empire of distractions fit for your attention deficit disorder pleasures. Therefore, I will employ the masterful art of sharing links to keep your brain satisfied.

In my never ending search for jolly good costume weirdness I find some gems. But few are as gloriously self exposing and yet simultaneously gratifying as the page of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes. Yes, that’s right. Captain Wacky is here to deliver a good list of fully embarrassing costumes that are enough to make you turn to the dark side. It makes me wonder why I don’t have friends who do things like this.

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A Whole Lotta Heroes And Spirits

According to a note posted on at least 64,000 people were in attendance at the New York Comic Con over this last weekend. That’s a hearty boost up from the previous year which rolled in just under 50k.

Yeah, comics and comic book culture are big in a big way. It seems to only be getting better too.

Put together the combined efforts of film, print media, and now a growing video game market and it makes a lot of sense. This kind of growth has been a common trend for the last seven years, and it looks to grow even more through 2008 with the big Iron Man release.

With so much going on, it’s hard to highlight just one thing. However, I’d say the emergence of Frank Miller’s new on screen project will do just fine. This time, Miller is taking on The Spirit in tribute to Will Eisner’s core comic classic. Fans will be watching this project and trying to keep pace with the success of the artsy combination of animation and live action that Miller does so well.

Here’s a bit of a teaser to sharpen your comic wits on for now…

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