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Costumes in the Wild – South By Southwest

SXSW (South by Southwest), for those not in the know, is transcendently amazing. It’s equal parts tech festival, music festival, and film festival… just enough to create the fine mix of pop culture pleasure anyone can handle. It’s a harbinger of mainstream geekery. It’s a beacon to indie pride. It’s, in essence, all that I stand for.

Okay, so as I slowly dismount from this chariot of SXSW love, I need to point out that not only does the week long drool fest house all things worthy and good. It also has a penchant for good costumes. Yes, you heard it here. Get tech buffs and creative minds together for a week, and they’ll do anything. Here are a few of the good sightings.

Indie music blog, Music Slut, posted up a photo of a set played by Laura Palmer. Checking out her MySpace page also reveals that she’s not unfamiliar with costuming herself for a good show. Oh, drummer included on this one. I don’t think his getup is involuntary either.

Laura Palmer at SXSW

Wired Magazine also brings us a great photo op from a panel held at SXSW that was less than conventional. Dubbed as 15 ways to fail at a startup, these all-too-typical entrepreneurs sat down and delivered a harrowing and humorous program on making your business be doomed from the start. Oh, and someone dressed as a unicorn. Only at SXSW does this rare beast show it’s face? I guess so…

Wired Unicorn Costume

Even the randoms had something to see. This Livejournal blog reports going to a show with an unnamed and unrecognizable Japanese band donning crazy costumes and rocking a wild show. Why am I not surprised to see some Japanese influence at SXSW. 10 points for a bowling pin costume.

Bowling Pin Costume

Well, maybe SXSW isn’t becoming the next Comic Con, but you have to appreciate that there’s always someone somewhere in the world willing to get dressed up. Will SXSW become a target in the future? Well, I’m going to make it some day… and you better believe I’ll have pictures of costumes to share.

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Minesweeper the Movie

I swore I wouldn’t put another video up for a bit, and really get some quality content out. Unfortunately, this one is too cool for ignoring.

And, of course, I have to give props to the costume designer. How one comes up with costumes for a Minesweeper movie is beyond me, but I feel the message and gravity of the subject matter is really communicated well.

Oh, and if you’ve never played minesweeper, you may not get it.

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Totally Awesome Portal Cosplay, Minus the Cube???

Portal took the tech/gamer world by storm and taught us all one thing. The cake is not a lie.

It’s with no wonder then that we post this totally amazing Portal cosplay via flickr.

At MyDisguises we do what we must, because we can… (/gracious Portal quote)

Portal Cosplay

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In The News: Someone Steals a $3,000 Beer Costume. In Other News: Beer Costumes Cost $3,000.

Beer Costume

You heard it right. According to this local news article from Detroit, MI, someone is being accused of yoinking a nice imported Guinness Beer suit recently. Big whoop, right?

Apparently not.

The costume was flown in from Ireland for promotional purposes by Tri-County Beer Distributors. It turns out the individual responsible for the costume loaned it to a friend last Halloween for usage. When the friend was done with it, he put it in his garage and left it there. Later, the costume-theif-at-large ran off with the goods and is still somewhere with the expensive suit.

Somewhere in Ireland, an expensive Beer Costume owner is weeping. Somewhere in a third world country, people are shaking their heads in shame that one even owns a $3,000 beer costume. Hopefully news will break about how the costume actually dispenses beer, but until then we’ll remain shocked and moderately disgusted.

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Costume or Not, this is bad…

If somehow these ever made it to the modern market and became popular, I’d totally own a pair. It’s one thing to intentionally dress up for a party or holiday, but it’s totally another thing when you find yourself in a silly costume even though you’re being totally serious.

I introduce to you the Wonder Sauna Hot Pants


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Missalie Posts Some Great Artwork Inspiring Costume Design

We like to bring attention to great stuff we find on the web. Even moreso do we love bringing attention to things we’ve talked about from the web.

Blogger Jenny Paatero keeps the blog at a personal repository of all her artwork. Amongst the art, as it turns out, is some costume design she did herself. This goes right along with a lot of the talk we’ve been doing about planning costumes ahead of time by keeping sketches and journals. This artwork would be a great springboard for some cosplay.


In this recent post she put up some designs under the post name Mage #1. Does that mean there will be more additions? We’re not sure. This is a great mockup of a wonderful costume idea she had on her own. It looks like she’s into the whole fantasy and gaming culture, which isn’t so niche these days. I wonder if these sketches will ever see the light of day in costume form…

Great work, Jenny.

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Top 5 Upcoming Films With Great Costumes To Look Out For

After watching the Academy Awards, we noticed something. The Academy loves good costumes. They also love nostalgia. Either way, without the Silver Screen delivering up some truly iconic apparel, we would be less than inspired with our own costumes.

Looking forward to 2008 we picked our top movies with costumes worth noting. It’s not with ease that we have done so, as finding a diverse group of competitors is about as hard as picking a favorite skittles flavor. But, don’t fret… we’ve come up with a short list that you’re free to shred apart. So, without further wordy blabber…

5. Son of Rambow – I may be guilty for choosing this one simply because I’m charmed by the trailer. However, there are good reasons for this pick.

Son of Rambow

The film is about a couple of boys who decide to make films. With enough passion to compensate for budget and know-how, they set out to make an action film so clever that everyone they know wants in on it. Homebrewed stunts and plastic toys for props end up giving the film all the necessary looks to be successful.

Why we picked it: Who doesn’t remember getting ambitious to make movies as a youngin’? It’s just enough nostalgia to make you wish you still had videos of the times you did similar films. Although nothing fancy, the costumes in the film are dead on for the right message.

4. JJ Abrams’ Star Trek – JJ Abrams is up to something big. He’s no slouch when it comes to making a name for himself, and now he’s taking on a juggernaut of a film production. Although the teaser trailer for this movie doesn’t give much in way of plot, and nothing as far as costumes go, we all know that Star Trek boasts some of the biggest costume fans in existence.

Why we picked it: You can almost bet Trump his fortune that JJ Abrams will add his own personal touch. What’s better than seeing a classic series with a new take. There’s bound to be a new look and feel. What’s more is that Star Trek’s setting demands some clever, out of this world costuming that piques the imagination enough to induce immersion. We have high expectations here.

3.¬† The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspain: Fantasy has always been a great setting for incredible costuming. Fans of the C.S. Lewis series are ready for another installment. Some of the costume work found in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe was nothing short of the same genius we all saw with Pan’s Labyrinth. This time the film goes back to Narnia, and the children are about to find out a lot more of Narnia’s darker side.

Prince Caspian

Why we picked it: It’s simply not enough these days to just remake a film. Narnia’s first installment was nothing short of epic, and we were ready for more. But what makes the story and visuals so compelling is the merging of 2 worlds into one. Try blending styles, images, and echoes of an era into a fantasy setting that is unique enough to be it’s own, and you’ll find an on screen juxtaposition that feels like eye candy.

2. The Dark Knight: Once Christopher Nolan released his new take on the Batman franchise, Batman Begins, it mounted up to the top of the tops for comic book remakes. With a new feel of earnest mysteriousness not to be taken lightly, the film recreated the character. This time, he’s roped in the late Heath Ledger to play the Joker. Not too much is known about the film, but it does look to outdo it’s predecessor and remain a classic.

Why we picked it: Have you seen the new Joker? It’s amazing what a creative mind can redo with a bit of personal touch. We’re more than excited to see how this ultra-creepy but unbearably cool new villain will turn the Batman image into. It’s faithful yet interpretive of the original, and we LOVE that.

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Sure, we’ve mentioned this one before. There’s a lot of buzz about Spielberg’s new addition to the Indiana Jones films. Some good, some bad, but all very curious. This time, Indy is older and he brought his son for the adventure.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Why we picked it: Well, there are elements that I can take from every one of the previously mentioned films going into this production. The costumes are going to be total throwbacks, and extremely honoring of the series. Is that a bad thing though?

No, in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way. Anyone going to see this movie wants to get a real Indiana Jones experience. It’s all about feeling the same adventure, same wit, and same sense of excitement we felt in the first three. The early twentieth century rustic adventurer look is completely defined by the movies, and it has inspired costumes for years.

So then, what do you think? Did we miss anything essential? Add your comments to the bottom.

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Google Fights v.2 – A Look Back Over The Last 2 Weeks


Someone somewhere realized that Google is so influential these days, that it’s probably possible to leverage them for making important decisions. Thus was born Google Fighting. Although somewhat of a passed trend, it’s still a horrifically amusing and unjudicious way to decipher between the should and shouldn’ts of life.

It wasn’t long ago that we wielded the Google Fight banner to decide on some Halloween Costumes and we’re going to use it again.

Just as a quick description to the newcomers, this is how Google Fighting works. You pick your two competing ideas and type them into the Google Fighting widget. The results are counted, and the one with greater results wins. You revel in your victory, or hang your head low in shame at the loss.

Let’s FIGHT!

Round 1 – The Oscars

Let’s face it. There are winners and losers every year at the Oscars. I’ve never been a fashion guru, however, and feel totally comfortable leaving the questions to the pros. So what’s the verdict? Were there more classy gowns or Halloween horrorfests?

Well dressed vs. Badly Dressed at the Academy Awards results

Ouch, that’s not good. Google has spoken.

Round 2 – Wonder Con vs. Comic Con

Every year, these two festivals of ever-so-potent pop culture geekery gather more jet-set nerds than a sighting of the USS Enterprise. They’re partially responsible for the mainstreaming of geek culture, and are actually sister conventions. But if only one could survive…. if we truly had to pick one to cover, what would it be?

Wonder Con vs. Comic Con results

Hmm, now to make a decision. Support the straggler or go celeb watch with the winner…

Round 3 – Darth Vader vs. Optimus Prime

We posed the question earlier on last week about who would win in a brutal costume-off more vicious than the classic Derek Zoolander and Hansel matchup. Does the classic fanboy supported awesomeness of Darth Vader stand a chance against the refreshed 80’s culture icon, Optimus Prime?

Darth Vader vs. Optimus Prime results 

Wow, paint me as totally shocked on that one. I speak no ill of Vader, my dear Star Wars Fans, Google has once again spoken.

Round 4 – Tommy Lee Jones vs. Akihabara

When we got word that Tommy Lee was out in Japan picking up the pieces of his former career, we figured it was a good thing. Then you see the look on his face in the video for his commercial, and have to wonder if Japan has conquered the great actor.

Tommy Lee Jones vs. Akihabara results

Fear not, Tommy. You have plenty left in you. Who knows, a bustling career in Anime voice acting could really give you a new name in the industry…

Well folks, we came, we fought, and some conquered. Thanks, Google, for once again finding us a valid excuse for not being decisive enough in our own lives.

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