MyDisguises Theater – Costumes From The Future Of The Past

It’s a bounteous season of great videos on MyDisguises, and people need to check this out.

I’m not a Trekkie by any means. I think I may have seen an episode or two. I think the thing that turned me off was seeing one of the old episodes from the 60’s. I was a bit turned off by the cheesiness, but the did what they could and with what they had to work with. Rewind a bit to the 30’s and here’s what they saw our fashion to be. Oh, and women apparently don’t wear anything but dresses still…

Capes, spiral bra dresses, huge hairdos, and apparently a microphone for a hair accessory? I can’t say I’m sad that these fashions never made it. I can’t say I’m totally happy either. There would have been a bit of humor in it all, right?

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