All the Links Fit For Browsing – Steampunk Blog Carnival Makes Punkers Cry In Relief

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Since our last Steampunk article, we noticed some focus and attention. The Steampunk lovers are true to the spirit of DIY and costumes.
Now bloggers are uniting to bring them up to status with a recent Steampunk blog carnival. In essence, a blog carnival is when a chosen topic focuses on bringing all the blog posts on the subject into one place for a time. It also inspires people to get writing, creating, sharing, and motivating. This is perfect for the Steampunk community.

Walking the Berkshires hosts a great blog carnival every month or so called “Cabinet of Curiosities”. In this fifth edition, they are highlighting Steampunk in all of its clever details. In fact, it’s better than anything we’ve ever done on the topic, and we can admit it. It’s worth a look.

While there are some great links, we’re mostly interested in the Steampunk costumes and where to go to find out more about them. Here’s what we gathered from the carnival…

  • Aether Emporium has an excellent page on Steampunk fashion, where to find it, how to do it, and all the in betweens.
  • They also share The Heliograph, a blog with some great Steampunk fashion inspiration.
  • The carnival features these gloves mapping London, suggesting a fine point of fashion for Steampunk ladies.

And a few links of our own…

  • Social shopping site Kaboodle has some suggestions for Steampunk fashion, always necessary for the costume basis.
  • Here’s a great link with some full Steampunk costumes, showing the ensemble look.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding a place to get some Steampunk gear that you don’t have to make from scratch, is a good start. Eventually, you’ll want to make it your own though.

Now I know what blog carnivals are good for. It’s nice to know that there’s enough people out there interested in Steampunk to participate in a gathering of good info like this. We’ll dive in more as time goes on, but hopefully that’s enough linking to keep you at your computer for awhile.

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