In The News: Someone Steals a $3,000 Beer Costume. In Other News: Beer Costumes Cost $3,000.

Beer Costume

You heard it right. According to this local news article from Detroit, MI, someone is being accused of yoinking a nice imported Guinness Beer suit recently. Big whoop, right?

Apparently not.

The costume was flown in from Ireland for promotional purposes by Tri-County Beer Distributors. It turns out the individual responsible for the costume loaned it to a friend last Halloween for usage. When the friend was done with it, he put it in his garage and left it there. Later, the costume-theif-at-large ran off with the goods and is still somewhere with the expensive suit.

Somewhere in Ireland, an expensive Beer Costume owner is weeping. Somewhere in a third world country, people are shaking their heads in shame that one even owns a $3,000 beer costume. Hopefully news will break about how the costume actually dispenses beer, but until then we’ll remain shocked and moderately disgusted.

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