Missalie Posts Some Great Artwork Inspiring Costume Design

We like to bring attention to great stuff we find on the web. Even moreso do we love bringing attention to things we’ve talked about from the web.

Blogger Jenny Paatero keeps the blog Missalie.net at a personal repository of all her artwork. Amongst the art, as it turns out, is some costume design she did herself. This goes right along with a lot of the talk we’ve been doing about planning costumes ahead of time by keeping sketches and journals. This artwork would be a great springboard for some cosplay.


In this recent post she put up some designs under the post name Mage #1. Does that mean there will be more additions? We’re not sure. This is a great mockup of a wonderful costume idea she had on her own. It looks like she’s into the whole fantasy and gaming culture, which isn’t so niche these days. I wonder if these sketches will ever see the light of day in costume form…

Great work, Jenny.

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